Trump campaign asks supporters to sign coronavirus waiver ahead of rally
Donald Trump will hold a political rally in an indoor arena in Oklahoma next week - his first amid the coronavirus pandemic - prompting organizers to demand attendees sign a waiver that absolves the president's campaign of any liability from virus-related illnesses.

Despite the rally breaking the guidelines he has set down, Governor Kevin Stitt has welcomed Trump to the state, saying that the event "confirms Oklahoma is the national example in responsibly and safely reopening".

'The Food and Drug Administration has ordered a widely supported COVID-19 testing program in Seattle to cease operations, The New York Times reports. "Please discontinue patient testing and return of diagnostic results to patients until proper authorization is obtained," FDA officials wrote to the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN). The agency said the program, which was operating with state authorization, would now have to seek approval on the federal level.'

Trump has been saying that it's down to the states ultimately to do deal with this stuff. So they do. Then his administration won't let them! How STUPID is that?

In pandemic's early days, Trump Administration turned down an offer to make N95 masks in America

That's right. The pandemic was on. The Trump administration said, "Nah, whut we need that for?"

Mexican coronavirus protesters storm hospital in attempt to 'rescue' patient

About 300 people in Mexico attempted to storm a hospital Monday in pursuit of a person infected with coronavirus.

The mob was trying to forcibly remove the patient from the hospital after family members pleaded for his "rescue," Mexico News Daily reported.

Just like a concerning number of Americans, the people in the town of Motozintla believed false information about COVID-19, in this case that it was a government conspiracy to kill people and cover it up, according to Mexico News Daily.

At Frontier Airlines you have to pay extra if you want to stay safe from coronavirus. Frontier Airlines is selling a social distancing upgrade for $39. Gouging for virus-free space. This is a stupid way to deal with the pandemic, and it's also just clueless, tone deaf, with respect to Public Relations. They were too stupid to realize they'd be denounced for this. It's happening in Congress right now.

Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging coronavirus warnings were ignored

What could be stupider than a President ignoring a warning of a pandemic? The implications are so vast. Far more people have to die if you ignore the warning. The epidemic, unprepared for, will last longer, meaning more economic damage. So it's obviously stupid...But then this President routinely does the obviously stupid.

ALSO STUPID: Vice President Pence told reporters today that the coronavirus task force created to manage the federal government's response to the pandemic could be disbanded within a month because "of the tremendous progress we've made as a country." The numbers of deaths are radically increasing week to week, the feds have failed to provide testing for the virus, and Trump supports opening the economy up fully which will lead to even more deaths. That's progress? That's stupid.

Woman falsely accused of starting the pandemic has had her life turned upside down.

Maatje Benassi, a US Army reservist and mother of two, has become the target of conspiracy theorists who falsely place her at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, saying she brought the disease to China.

The false claims are spreading across YouTube every day, so far racking up hundreds of thousands of apparent views, and have been embraced by Chinese Communist Party media.

Her husband has tried to get the videos taken down from YouTube and to prevent their spread online. The couple said they contacted an attorney, who told them there was little that could be done, and local police, who told them much the same.

Two men in Georgia drank disinfectants in efforts to prevent COVID-19

A man was hospitalized on Saturday after he claimed to have ingested 16 ounces of bleach in a bid "to prevent COVID."
The director said another man had also been hospitalized after drinking Pine-sol mixed with mouthwash, beer and pain medication.
"We don't ask the question of, was it because they watched a TV show?" an official told the paper. "We just ask, 'What do we do for these patients?'
During a press briefing last week, Trump discussed the possibility of injecting disinfectants as a potential coronavirus treatment.

President Trump was warned about the pandemic in January and February--or would have been but he doesn't read his intelligence briefings or even listen to them. "The repeated warnings were conveyed in issues of the President's Daily Brief...For weeks, the PDB traced the virus's spread around the globe, made clear that China was suppressing information about the contagion's transmissibility and lethal toll, and raised the prospect of dire political and economic consequences. But the alarms appear to have failed to register with the president, who routinely skips reading the PDB and has at times shown little patience for even the oral summary." - The Washington Post. . .So you see, because he's mentally lazy, not very bright in the first place, and of course irresponsible--both mentally and morally stupid--our President allowed coronavirus to spread far more than necessary, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of a significant percentage of those who've died. Tens of thousands, surely.

'A Virginia preacher believed 'God can heal anything.' Then he caught coronavirus. ...A new malady had emerged as his Mardi Gras ministry ended last month. But not everyone acknowledged its threat. Three days before leaving, Landon -- an avid Trump supporter -- posted a meme on his Facebook page about the coronavirus, which at the time had killed about 40 people in the United States. The media, it warned, was trying to "manipulate your life" by creating "mass hysteria."' Now the poor fool has died of Coronavirus. It's too bad, he seemed like a sincere, decent man. But thanks to being under Trump's sway, in the end he made things worse for himself and others.

Dr. Oz says that reopening schools and letting 2%-3% of school children die is "appetizing."

Dr. Phil says we shouldn't shut down the country for coronavirus because we don't shut down the country for deaths from automobiles, cigarettes, and swimming pool accidents. Last time I checked, those other things are not contagious, and we do do things to mitigate them.

Protests are popping up across the US over stay-at-home restrictions
Protesters gathered in several state capitals this week to voice their opposition to stay-at-home orders issued to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina and Utah -- states led by both Republican and Democratic governors -- have all seen protests in recent days as people grow more concerned about the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic...And of course this can be summed up as simply as: Stupid people are getting together to spread the virus.

Governor of Georgia "had no idea" that the coronavirus / Covid-19 spreads from people showing no symptoms....'After resisting a statewide stay-at-home order for days, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) succumbed to the pressure and issued one on Wednesday. Part of the reason, he said, was that he had just learned some new information. Kemp said he was "finding out that this virus is now transmitting before people see signs. "Those individuals could have been infecting people before they ever felt bad, but we didn't know that until the last 24 hours," he said,' the Washington Post reports.

What an idiot. The CDC reported March 1st (!) that asymptomatic people could--and have been--spreading the disease. Anthony S. Fauci, head of the White House task force, has been saying this at news conferences for a lonnnnnnng time. It's been well known by your average guy. But not the apparently illiterate and news-blind governor of Georgia. Besides, diseases often spread from people before they're showing symptoms. As everyone but the governor of Georgia knows.

Belarus's strongman rejects coronavirus risks. He suggests saunas and vodka.
In Belarus, authoritarian leader President Alexander Lukashenko has famously scoffed at the coronavirus as a "frenzy and psychosis." His views also come with advice for citizens who don't share his coronavirus scorn: Hit the sauna, down some vodka and get back to work. --

Kentuckians get together to hold a 'coronavirus party' -- with predictable results
-- Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) is announcing that at least one new coronavirus case is linked to a "coronavirus party" in which people gathered together to deliberately spread the disease amongst themselves.

It is unclear why, exactly, anyone would want to deliberately infect themselves at a "coronavirus party." But regardless of the reason, it worked.

Americans Coping With the Coronavirus Are Clogging Toilets...Sewage systems and toilets are backing up as consumers clean their homes with disinfectant wipes and turn to paper towels, napkins and baby wipes to cope with the lack of toilet paper.

Virus "rebels" from France to Florida flout lockdown practices
Young German adults hold "corona parties." There are young people who cough at older people and shout "corona" for fun. A large crowd threatened to spit on officers who had planned to disperse them. France on Friday sent security forces into train stations to prevent people from traveling to their vacation homes. In Clichy-Sous-Bois, a Paris suburb, a person bit a police officer trying to enforce confinement rules.

Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper at emergency meeting says you can kill coronavirus by holding a blow dryer up to your nose after he saw it on "reliable source." OANN, warns "there's a lot of baloney out there on social media"

Hobby Lobby owner David Green is telling store managers to stay open despite the pandemic because his wife had a vision from God. He also warns they'll all have to "tighten their belts" soon. His net worth is $6.4 billion--hourly employees don't get paid sick leave.

Will spring breakers become super-spreaders?
As Florida officials move to expel the hundreds of thousands of spring breakers who ignored calls for social distancing, public-health specialists are nervously wondering what will happen once the party's over.

Spring breakers are a perfect storm for virus transmission: crowding many into one motel room and partying in crowded clubs. With many college campuses closed, public health officials fear that spring breakers will now spread the virus to home towns all across America.

Kansas official: Pandemic isn't a problem here because there are few Chinese people ...The chairman of the Riley County Commissioners, Republican Marvin Rodriguez, suggested this week that the global coronavirus pandemic is not a problem locally because unlike in Italy, there are not a lot of Chinese people living in central Kansas. I have a friend in the Navy, and he said in that area" of Northern Italy where that country's first cases were reported, "there's a garment industry and a lot of Chinese. If we were like Italy, we'd have it already."

"Well, they say it came out of China," he said, "and I'm not putting it past the Chinese government in communist China." Meaning, to export a virus on purpose? "Normally, this kind of thing spreads slowly," he answered, so "I put two and two together. I've been around a long time, girl."

Heard at Spring Break:
"If I get corona, I get corona....I'm not going to let it stop me from partying."
"Coronavirus is really messing up my spring break."
"This virus ain't that serious."
"We're trying to get drunk before everything closes."

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the Blue Ridge Poison Center has issued an alert asking people not to -- drink bleach. "There is a lot of confusing, incomplete, and inaccurate information circulating about to prevent coronavirus from spreading, including drinking bleach which is dangerous and could cause serious injury," ABC6 reports. "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using diluted bleach solutions on frequently touched surfaces."

A church in South Korea sprayed salt water inside the mouths of followers out of a false belief it would help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but by using the same spray bottle without disinfecting the nozzle, it resulted in 46 church-goers infected, authorities said.

A woman going by the name of "Ana Louise" has posted a "COVID Challenge" on Tik-Tok. The challenge consists of licking a toilet seat in an airplane restroom. Louise's video on her Twitter channel has over 280,000 views, and her video that was shared by another Twitter page has more than 6 million. "I need Trump to retweet this," she said, and she also claimed that she made $4,000 for "breaking the internet."

Video images from the River of Grace Community Church in Gyeonggi Province, south of Seoul, show a church official sticking the nozzle of a spray bottle deep into the mouth of one follower after another, during a prayer gathering attended by some 100 followers on March 1 and March 8. Those infected include the pastor and his wife.

Other stupidities were have previously reported:

Police in Newport, Oregon are asking people to stop calling 911 to report that they are out of toilet paper. Police ask residents to stop calling 911 when they are out of toilet paper

Evangelist Jim Bakker selling colloidal silver as a claimed cure for coronavirus. Televangelist Sells Fake Cure For Coronavirus On TV

Then there's also Alex Jones selling colloidal silver toothpaste. Alex Jones Realizes His Fans Are Stupid Enough To Buy Fake Coronavirus Cures From Him