Young, Cool…and Stupid: How Some Young Adults Insist on Being Superspreaders of Covid-19

As we noted in the Stupefied column a little while back: Your brain doesn't full develop until you're through your early twenties. That's a fact of neuroscience. Maybe that's why... As coronavirus cases among young people continue to spread throughout the country, videos posted to social media showed a large gathering near one Georgia college with unmasked partiers crowded together.

Same thing happened amongst college-age kids in Alabama, getting together for parties--and in crowded classes. The result? Over 1,000 students have tested positive for Covid-19 at University of Alabama since classes resumed.

Remember, early in the pandemic, when young people in Florida were defiantly partying and laughing that it would just kill off old people, anyway? Tampa Bay Times reports that "Another 3,197 coronavirus infections were announced by the Florida Department of Health on Saturday, bringing the statewide total to 619,003 cases." Of course part of the blame goes with the imbecile governor of Florida and his irresponsible and amoral policies re the pandemic. The information about covid-19's infectiousness is out there. These supposedly sophisticated young people know better.

Now there are these knuckleheads: Blake Gray and Bryce Hall, two Tik Tok stars, have been charged with misdemeanors on Friday after holding two large house parties in defiance of local health orders....They could each face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. These guys have 19 million followers on TikTok, between them. Yet they are both moral idiots and crazy-ignorant vanity addicts, indifferent to how their behavior affects people. The chance that no one caught covid-19 at their parties is vanishingly small. And all those followers are going to imitate them as much as they can. "Hell, Blake and Bryce do it..."

There's another level of stupidity, too: How can "Blake and Bryce" imagine that, being so notorious, they're going to get away with, as public officials put it, "being in flagrant violation of public health orders"? They're too caught up in the narcosis of their narcissism to actually think ahead about anything they do. And now, "The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community." So they may well go to jail (one hopes so) and they have no power in their homes. It should have been obvious something of the sort would happened. But if you're all about getting hits on the imbecilic Tik Tok site, you do the imbecilic thing.