You Think They Can’t Get More Self-Satirizing & Ridiculous–but THEY DO

Fox News hosts on Sunday promoted the idea that "childless" Americans should not be allowed to participate in society by voting. The idea was recently floated by Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance. "Let's give votes to all children in this country, but let's give control over those votes to the parents of the children," Vance told a conference on the Future of American Political Economy. The hosts of Fox & Friends discussed the merits of the idea that the "childless left" should not be able to vote....Co-host Pete Hegseth pointed out that fellow co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy would get nine votes because she has nine children.

Meanwhile, there's a growing pattern of people proposing violence against vaccinators.

Anti-vaxxer warns doctors and nurses of execution by hanging for administering life-saving vaccines ...The conspiracy theories promoted by anti-vaccine activists reached a fevered pitch during a Saturday rally. Conspiracy theorist Kate Shemirani suggested there could be Nuremberg-like trials where doctors and nurses would be hanged for administering the coronavirus vaccines, which promoted one British doctor to alert London's Metropolitan Police Service.

Back in May: "Natural News", a fount of misleading distortions and outright falsehoods, featured Anti-vax lunatic Mike Adams saying: "It's time to arrest, prosecute and execute researchers who use human children for covid vaccine medical experiments."

And Vice reports: Proud Boy associates joined far-right conspiracy theorists outside Wi Spa in LA's Korea Town, as part of an ongoing protest against the spa's nondiscrimination policy of accommodating the needs of transgender guests. Reporters at the scene of the spa were assaulted, dozens were arrested, and police later located weapons scattered across the site including knives, pepper spray and stun guns. A protest at the same location earlier this month resulted in two stabbings. But there's more: Breast Cancer Patient Attacked by Violent Anti-Mask Protest Outside Clinic...Yes they pushed her around and spritzed her with bear spray.

The extreme-right, the anti-science bloc, meld together, provoking one another, cross fertilizing rhetoric, becoming ever more absurd and over-the-top and simply stupid. They unknowingly satirize themselves. Life become "The Onion".