Will Kanye West’s Ludicrous Run for President Help Trump Get Re-Elected?

"Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars" Kanye West says at his first campaign rally. He also said "Marijuana should be free..." These flailing attempts at buying voters might work with some families with babies, or expecting babies...Families who are skepticism-challenged, and unrealistic...It doesn't cost them anything (except their voting integrity) to put their signatures on a form to help him get onto the ballot...So maybe this wildy narcissistic mentally ill guy, who refuses to take his meds for bipolar disorder, will get to the Presidential ballot. Maybe you'll see his name under Trump and Biden and some Green Party spoiler.

That's what we need, a bipolar President. Why not, we have a psychopathic one now; we have a guy who paid someone to take his SATs for him. Next, the bipolar President. If TRUMP could get elected--Donald J Trump, who boasted in a memoir that he loved seducing the wives of his friends, liked to commit adultery with them...many, many of them...a guy who ran a fraudulent "university" and a fraudulent charity, both shut down by the law...a guy who squandered hundreds of millions in bad business practices, and who was the sexually-harassing focus of an idiotic reality TV show...if THAT guy could get elected, is it not possible we could end up giving Kanye West the button for the nuclear football?

Maybe we're not that stupid, in this country. Maybe. I would have said we were not that stupid...before Trump was elected.

I suppose Kanye cannot be elected, himself...For one thing, I'm pretty sure that being known, publicly, to be diagnosed with a major mental illness would prevent his election. But...

Bre Maxwell, a Democratic operative in South Carolina, has said West's bid for the Presidency may subtract some votes from Biden. "I think what Kanye will probably be able to do is ignite a voting bloc ... the young black millennial who doesn't care about politics or who's not involved in politics but they are involved with music."

So could West give us Trump for a second term? It's not impossible.