We have maintained here that there is such a thing as moral stupidity. Whatever part of a morally-stupid person's brain is supposed to make them aware of conscience, of basic moral standards...isn't working. Trump made moral stupidity commonplace: It was morally stupid, incredibly so, to separate children from their parents to try to scare immigrants away. It was morally stupid to cheat people via Trump University.

Some of his pardons were breathtakingly morally stupid. But the most morally stupid Presidential pardon? Perhaps it's his pardon of the mass murderers from Blackwater who slaughtered unarmed civilians.

But second to that, is his utterly baffling pardon of Fred Clark. Why? Did? He? Pardon? Fred Clark?!

As per CBS News:

'In 2015, Fred Clark was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme that raised $300 million from more than 1,000 investors. Clark said his company was developing vacation condos, but many of the properties were never completed, and much of the money that came in went toward paying old investors. Many of his victims, who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars each, said their retirement savings were wiped out. Clark pocketed at least $22 million of the funds before fleeing to Central America. He was arrested in 2014 and in 2016 was sentenced by a judge to 40 years in prison, most of which he will now never serve.

'"I was disgusted by it," said Bruce Barnes, a lawyer who has spent years representing people who lost money in Clark's investment scam, of the pardon. "There were some good people who were really hurt by the scam. Some of them are still dealing with debt collectors as a result of the scheme."'

Why that guy? What does Fred Clark have on Donald Trump? Maybe...something to do with Jeffrey Epstein?