We’re So Numbed By Trump’s Stupidity We Stupidly Ignore It

Here is '...just some of what Trump has tweeted and retweeted since Friday morning -- Trump Retweeted a post calling 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a "skank." Trump also:

Retweeted a post suggesting -- contrary to science -- that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for coronavirus, adding these words: "Many physicians agree with you. Also, some very good studies!"

*Retweeted a photo of former 2018 Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams that included these words: "She visited every buffet restaurant in the State."

* Retweeted two doctored photos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- one with a Trump 2020 face mask on and one with duct tape over her mouth. The tweet said: "To protect PolyGrip during this pandemic, we have developed 2 options. With the DJT option, she will be able to tongue and adjust her dentures more easily. With duct tape, she won't be able to drink booze on the job as much."

*Tweeted, with no evidence or proof, that mail-in ballots will produce "the greatest Rigged Election in history."

*Eager to start a new culture war flare-up, he urged churches to open and gather parishioners in a room to breathe the same air, threatening that he would "override" governors whose shutdown orders still forbade such gatherings. The president has no such power.

*He all but accused talk show host Joe Scarborough of murdering a young woman who died in 2001 in the then-congressman's district office, bringing untold torture to her family from the conspiracy theorists who will respond to his accusation.

(I heavy-handedly borrowed all this from CNN, except the last two observations which I borrowed from the Washington Post. Mea Culpa.)

From THE RAW STORY: 'President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening promoted a video from the Cowboys for Trump Twitter account which began with the line, "I've come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."'