We Just Found Out–you already knew–that Some People Choose to Get Married on Slave Plantations

Brides And Grooms Who Got Married At A Former Slave Plantation Are Speaking Out About Criticism Of The Venues said Buzzfeed news.

Who does something this stupid? White couples. "It'll be FINE...." No one will object. They won't even notice--though we posted it all over the place, with all the photos.

Anyway black people won't MIND that we're celebrating our nuptials in a place --even in cotton fields--where black people were enslaved; to which they were sold, literally in chains. Where they were forced into hard labor, never paid, their children taken away and sold...where slaves were beaten if they objected, sometimes executed...Were not permitted to be citizens, not even allowed to learn to read and write...altogether dehumanized and degraded...

Who could possibly object to our celebrating such a place with our overpriced white dresses and cheesy blue tuxedos and our hyper elaborate layer cakes?

As Buzzfeed pointed out, "When prosecutors traced the route that [racist mass murderer] Dylann Roof... took prior to the attack, they found that he visited a Confederate museum, a Confederate soldier cemetery, a slave cemetery..." And four former slave plantations, including Boone Hall where weddings are often held... "He took at least one photo in a slave cabin at Boone Hall, prosecutors said....'There's no way to separate the beauty and the violence of plantations...They are the same in many respects. The people who built that beauty were enslaved people.'"