Here's the equation: Refusing masks and vaccinations during a pandemic TIMES widespread virus-spread TIMES variant virus spawning EQUALS MORE AMERICANS DYING OF COVID-19. Because more than 600,000 deaths, mostly from Trump's hesitation and the misinformation about masks and social distancing and vaccines...was not apparently enough. Not for those who profit from stupidity.

To simplify, in "red states", not enough people got vaccinated; they spurned masks (which were always only TEMPORARY for fuck's sake) and they went to parties and so on-- hence Covid spread more widely. When it spread, it created a greater epidemiological opportunity for variant viruses to arise. The variants are MORE INFECTIOUS. If you'd gotten the vaccine, folks, and put up with the masks a while longer, we wouldn't have this problem:

In Arkansas, Covid-19 cases surge as state combats vaccine skepticism....Patients there have also trended younger. Roughly 91% of patients in the intensive care unit are on ventilators, and these include young patients, in their 20s, 30s and 40s, he said. While Missouri is quickly emerging as a new Covid hot spot, health leaders in other parts of the United States are reporting similar patterns. Dr. Jeffrey Chapman, the chief medical officer at Wyoming's Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, say the hospital's increase in Covid-19 patients includes a younger demographic that is overwhelmingly unvaccinated and "deteriorating" faster."

Look. The stats are in. Where vaccination counts are low, people are now getting sick and dying of Covid. Especially now that the more infectious Delta Virus is here. This is happening when we should be getting over the pandemic. But we DIDN'T get over the pandemic because people stupidly believed every glib chucklehead on social media who said he heard it from a website which took it from another website which took it from a right-wing "influencer" claiming that the virus wasn't real or the vaccine was dangerous or "just a scam".

Do you know why we have this Delta variant virus running wildly through the USA? It wouldn't be doing that if not for the vaccine and virus Misinformation Mavens: The people who spread lies, saying Covid isn't real or the vaccine is bad--lying just to make money. Oh yes, they make money from misinformation. They have websites that sell ad space. The more clicks, generated by wild accusations and fake data, the more ad space they sell. They also get donations! Donations for helping kill people with lies! They lie, claiming the vaccine is experimental or doesn't work, or is a weird mind-control experiment. So, people don't get the vaccine and they FUCKING DIE FROM COVID. But what do these misinformation website owners care? They're making money! They don't care if people die, long as they're making money.

There are people dying of Covid-19 and its variants, right now, who deliriously insist, in the hospital, that Covid isn't real! "The government must be poisoning me! I saw it on the internet!"

Then...they die. Of the disease that isn't real.

Look at this map showing where low vaccination rates meet high case counts as U.S. Covid infections surge.

The people who babble mindlessly, spreading Covid conspiracy theories and lies about the dangers of vaccines, are NOT SCIENTISTS. They're one of two things. 1) Idiots who love the attention and the likes on Facebook or 2) scumbags into making money from misinformation.

You think you can trust those people more than the medical and scientific community? You know who supports vaccines? DOCTORS. Do DOCTORS know more about medicine than these parasitical misinformation-spouting scumbags? 99% of doctors (that excludes the occasional half-baked or lunatic doctor) support the vaccine and the seriousness of Covid-19.

Still "skeptical" of the Covid vaccines? FUCKING GROW UP. People are dying and it's the fault of people like YOU. Because spreading those doubts means fewer people get vaccinated.