“Trump says doctors were ‘very surprised’ by his ‘unbelievable’ results on a cognitive test”

Now that headline from the Washington Post is indeed laugh out loud funny. And I did laugh out loud.

"President Trump said Thursday night on Fox News that doctors who administered him a recent cognitive test were "very surprised" that he "aced" it...Trump said he didn't think the Democrat could pass the cognitive exam like he did."

A cognitive test is not an IQ test, of course; it just means you can recite some numbers back, and you can draw the numbers on a clock face. Stuff like that. This one took ten minutes. It was superficial. He aced it! I wonder if he thinks he "got an A on it"?

It doesn't seem to have occurred to him that if they did find it "unbelievable", this test for ordinary cognition--just the simplest abilities--it was because they found it hard to believe he had even the simplest mental cognitive capacity.

The guy is notoriously ignorant and confused. Maybe it's his use of "unbelievable" regarding an assessment of his intellectual capacities that makes me laugh so loudly...