“Trump is coming back TOMORROW!” claim gullible Qanon believers

'The U.S. Capitol Police is bolstering security this week, warning that intelligence showed "a possible plot to breach the Capitol" by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4. Previous intelligence warned of "concerning" threats related to a far-right conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump will retake power on March 4, the date that marked Inauguration Day for presidents prior to 1933.' Can you roll your eyes in print? That's what the CBS news writer there seems to be doing as they struggle not to ridicule ridiculous Qanon notions about March 4. As CBS news has journalistic detachment, they can't say "suckers who fall for the line by the exploitative jerks behind Qanon are stupid enough to believe that Trump will retake the Presidency TOMORROW, March 4, 2021".

As CNET eye-rollingly explains: "Taking a page from the sovereign citizen movement, a group with its own interpretation of US laws and viewed as domestic terrorists by the FBI, QAnon followers believe the amendment isn't law. (The explanation for this belief is long, tortured and wrong. It has to do with a bogus interpretation of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Feel free to read it if you have that kind of time.) In their interpretation, there hasn't been a real president of the United States since Ulysses S. Grant."

Of course, Biden will remain President tomorrow, March 4, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, till his term lawfully comes to an end. No Qanon fantasy (which the person or persons calling themselves Q likely do not believe themselves) can change that. So when nothing of the sort happens tomorrow, will the Qanon types get hip to the salient facts? Will they decide they've been wrong? No, they'll just change conspiracy theory horses. They'll shrug and say the Deep State, or something, or the Jews or the Liberals, stopped Trump's return, but fer-shure-dude he'll come back very soon...somehow.

All this resembles an apocalyptic cult leader declaring a date for the end of the world, and when the date comes and the world doesn't end, well, he says that demonic forces prevented it this time but he has new information from God or whoever he pretends to be consulting...possibly space aliens...who say it's a date just four years farther in the future, so keep working in the cult sweatshop to prepare for that glorious day...