TRAGEDY AND STUPIDITY are one and the same

Florida Family Indicted for Selling Toxic Bleach as Fake "Miracle" Cure for Covid-19 and Other Serious Diseases, and for Violating Court Orders -- that's right, Jonathan Grenon and his three adult sons sold a solution, which they recommend you buy and drink, containing bleach and other toxins because, "Miracle Mineral Solution," cures COVID-19, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, autism, malaria, hepatitis, Parkinson's, herpes, and HIV/AIDS..." They made more than one million dollars carrying out this fraud.

The government warns that not only is the stuff of no use against disease, but: "The FDA strongly urges consumers not to purchase or use MMS for any reason, explaining that drinking MMS is the same as drinking bleach and could cause dangerous side effects, including severe vomiting, diarrhea, and life-threatening low blood pressure." People have been admitted to the hospital after drinking it and some have died.

"They sold this dangerous product under the guise of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (Genesis)-" Jonathan Grenon told some people it wasn't a real religion--he said he did it so he wouldn't go to jail. it religion.

The scheming behind this scamming comes partly from Donald Trump. He hinted that drinking bleach might cure covid. My guess is these murderous con artists figured Trump followers were stupid enough to buy their poison.

"Officers discovered that the Grenons were manufacturing MMS in a shed in Jonathan Grenon's backyard in Bradenton, Florida. Officers seized dozens of blue chemical drums containing nearly 10,000 pounds of sodium chlorite powder, thousands of bottles of MMS, and other items used in the manufacture and distribution of MMS. The government also recovered multiple loaded firearms, including one pump-action shotgun concealed in a custom-made violin case to disguise its appearance, according to prosecutors...."

How many people were maimed, in vital organs, from ingesting this industrial waste marketed as a cure? How many will die?

And who is stupid enough--or ignorant enough--to believe these random "cure" dealers? Who's ignorant enough to buy and drink their random chemical mix...?

It's sad. It's tragic. It's the tragedy of stupidity.