"TikTok users are dipping their testicles in soy sauce 'to taste it,' but testes don't have tastebuds".  

This seems to be for real. Here's more from Science Alert: "People have been putting soy sauce on their testicles to see whether their nether parts can detect the salty condiment, and recording their reactions for the benefit of social media, particularly Tik Tok." They don't seem to be trolling or pranking. They do probably find it amusing, but they really do suppose their genitals have taste buds.

This misreading of a misreading of a misreading of a scientific paper has not only once more humiliated every reasonably bright human on the planet--for we must admit we're of the same a species, Homo Sapiens, as these idiots--but it's also going to lead to an urban legend which will spread  based on misunderstanding and sensory mirage, with people claiming, "Yes I can taste things with my vagina! And George can taste things with his penis! It's science!"