They’re STILL Covering This–Because Some of you Care. The question is–WHY DO YOU CARE?

"Britain's Harry and Meghan will give up some of their titles and intend to pay back some housing expenses, palace say" is a big fat headline at Washington Post. And the same thing is reported feverishly at CNN, NBCnews, and so on. This newest hot headline comes after an already extensive spate of reportage on this yawn of a subject.

I wrote that yesterday. Update! "In yet another new, comprehensive article today, CNN tells us that "Prince Harry and Meghan...will eschew some state funding in a deal brokered to end a crisis..." So it was a crisis? Really?

OK, I get why CNN and even so respectable a news venue as the WaPo covers this tale of some stupidly-famous people moderating their lifestyle--because a lot of people seem to care about it. Since you care--the WaPo feels it has to care too. So they're all up in the royal gossip reporting because this sort of stupidity fuels a big part of the commerce side of journalism. But...why DO you care? Why does anyone in the USA care about every little Harry and Meghan lifestyle adjustment? And for that matter, why is it so big a deal in the UK? It's not like the Queen herself is blowing off her gig. A relatively obscure actress and a red-headed royal offspring are cutting back their royalty gig and getting less money as a result. And you're fascinated! After all--it's a "crisis"!

It's as puzzling as our national fascination with the Kardashians. Experimentally, just now, I googled "Kardashian News" and, I'm not making this up, the first thing on the list is: Here's Exactly What Kourtney Kardashian Eats For Breakfast ... E News has its own Kardashian news page where you find many facets of the Kardashian gemstone, including an article about a new condo they have and Inside Chicago West's Magical Minnie Mouse Birthday Party.


Oh yes trivial celeb fixation has always been with us. But now it's given far more prominence at CNN than, for example, a recent UN Report explaining that we're well on the way to destroying pretty much all life on the planet.

We can all be proud. We've achieved new heights, new depths, new breadths of celeb-fixation stupidity. Progress marches on!