Trump’s MyPillow Guy is about to release 37 terabytes of STUPIDITY at at a “cyber symposium”

Trump sycophant, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, has offered a host of conflicting conspiracy theories to support Trump's Big Lie; the claim that Trump actually won the election. This despite Trump lawyers, and other GOP-extremist-wing lawyers, having lost every last challenge to the election in the courts--even when the judges were Republicans. Because they simply had no evidence--to the contrary, the evidence is overwhelming that Biden won the election. The conspiracy theories, each more improbable than the last, carry the stink of sweaty desperation.

But Lindell, who looks exactly like "that guy you know who won't ever admit he's wrong and who had his dog put to sleep because it howled when he was there", whimpers and yowls like a colicky baby about his newest conspiracy theory--the others having been disproven already--that "hackers from China and other foreign countries broke into elections office computer systems around the country to reduce the number of votes for Trump....but Numerous election officials in the counties that Lindell has identified as purported targets for hacking told CNN they were baffled and frustrated by his claims. The officials said that their vote-tallying machines are not connected to the internet at all -- and that the specifics of Lindell's allegations simply don't add up."

Nevertheless, Lindell is planning to release "37 terabytes" of "proof" in file form at a "cybersecurity event". This means a landslide of idiotic conspiracy theory lies and distortions is coming to overwhelm the gullible.

A panel of cybersecurity experts have looked at the supposed evidence and found it to show not the claimed foreign IPs but entirely other data sets having nothing to do with the elections--and anyway, the "disputed" elections were done by counting paper ballots! Also, the county solicitor explained that the ballots had been counted and reported by Election Night, November 3, before Lindell alleges the hack took place.

But, "Lindell has said that after his big reveal this month, he expects the Supreme Court to rule 9-0 in favor of reinstating Trump as president -- even though there's no constitutional mechanism for that to happen."

There are an amazing number of people out there stupid enough to believe whatever this pillow manufacturer spews--whatever he flings into the air like feathers flying in a pillow fight.

Lindell, you know, is a reformed crack addict. For real. Addicts often search for other highs after giving up their "drug of choice": Gambling. Porn fixation. Or maybe conspiracy theories. Anyway, you can stop smoking crack, Mike, but that doesn't mean you didn't get brain damage from inhaling the toxic vaporous garbage that is included with the cocaine.