CNN has just run a repellent puff piece for a Celebrity Cruise hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow so she can peddle her Goop, much of which is absolutely without any value at all. Except for its value to Paltrow's bank account. They cancelled the "Goop Cruise" last year because of Covid-19 but, mysteriously, they seem to think everything's Just Fine Now and they're going ahead with this one. Even though actually the pandemic is on the rise again because of Red State resistance to science, and idiots who won't wear the masks, and conspiracy theory lies, and yokel churches--and even though there are now variants from Brazil and India that may get past some of our vaccine defenses. Even though the best vaccines--though very definitely safe and helpful--are not 100% protection, and even though cruise ships are proven petri dishes for disease transmission. In fact, Covid was spread wildly through cruise ships when the pandemic started.

But CNN's puff piece tells us, '"My team @goop is curating programming and fitness kits to add to Celebrity's wellness experience. I'm sworn to secrecy on the rest -- keep an eye out for the details coming soon," she teased.'

Good chance that Paltrow's PR people paid for that article--either with some kind of junket glory for the writer, or direct to CNN. Pay-for-puffery is a regular thing, at CNN--see their "UNDERSCORED" feature where they "test new products" and miraculously always like them! Every one they test is somehow wonderful! . . .Now if you look really close at some small print in the puff piece they link to you'll see they admit it's a paid advertisement disguised as an article. But most people aren't going to notice that--and the information is not found on the display for UNDERSCORED on the main CNN page. They're counting on our stupidity. Hopefully not everyone is taken in...

Lots of people will be taken in by Paltrow. She seems to make money from GOOP despite having had many of her special lotions and vagina steams debunked.

Then there's the whole Celebrity Cruise concept. How shallow do you have to be to sign on for that?

And how stupid to you have to be to risk Covid-19 on a cruise? If you've been vaccinated, then by all means take a walk without your mask, hang out with people, in a safe way, who've been fully vaccinated. But a cruise? Don't be stupid.