The Elevation of Ignorance

Tommy Tuberville, Senator-elect. Trump says Tuberville is going to be "a great senator". The Washington Post's Dana Milbank hilariously provides some true-life quotes from "Tubs" Tuberville, as his ascendancy to Senator for Alabama approaches--Oh-ho, they elected him in Alabama, you say...Suddenly not surprised to learn that Tubs is an ignorant buffoon.

Here are some selections from the Milbank column:

Tuberville excitedly announced having learned, recently, that there are "three branches of government...the House, the Senate and the executive."

He told the Alabama Daily News that "in 2000 Al Gore was president, United States, president-elect, for 30 days." Gore was never president-elect.

He told another interviewer, "It's not just opioids now, it's heroin ..."

On Health Care: "We don't have the answer until we go back to open up being a capitalistic health-care system where we have more than one insurance company."

'As a candidate,' Milkbanks tells us, 'Tubs offered exotic views on why rural hospitals closed ("because we don't have Internet"), on impeachment ("I've been trying to keep up with it but it's so hard") and on constitutional democracy ("We'd probably get more done with just the president running this country. So let the Democrats go home")...His business partner in a hedge fund pleaded guilty to fraud; Tuberville claimed he knew nothing. Tubs also was lured to invest in an alleged Ponzi scheme. He set up a foundation to help veterans, but veterans got only a third of the money raised.'

This amoral idiot is now going to approve judges--he is reportedly giddy at the prospect--and disapprove Biden cabinet members. He's going to help determine policy for the whole dang US of A.

Good luck, America.