Laser Beams from Space Did it! Wildly Stupid Things Believed by Qanon-Congresswoman MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE

"Marjorie Taylor Greene penned a conspiracy theory that a laser beam from space started deadly 2018 California wildfire...In November 2018, California was hit with the worst wildfire in the state's history. At the time, future Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wrote a bizarre Facebook post that echoed QAnon conspiracy theorists and falsely claimed that the real and hidden culprit behind the disaster was a laser from space triggered by some nefarious group of people."

"Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene commented in support of a conspiracy theory claiming that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton murdered, mutilated and drank the blood of a child..."

(Yeah, that could happen, Marjorie. Uh huh.)

Greene is a Qanon follower meaning she believes that "not only are celebrities taking part in Satanic pedophilic rituals, they are doing so to obtain the chemical adrenochrome, which they believe famous actors and celebrities harvest from the pituitary glands of children in order to maintain their youthful appearances." And a lot of this evil conspiracy was run out of a pizza parlor in Washington DC. Yes she was into Pizzagate too.

Marjorie Taylor Greene stated that the Sandy Hook killings of 20 children was fake, unreal. She claimed that the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people in 2017 was staged by liberals. She said the school shooting in Parkland, Florida was a faked-up "false flag" operation.

Greene also called for the removal and prosecution and execution of Nancy Pelosi for treason because Pelosi called for fair treatment of immigrants. So she believes that treating immigrants humanely is treason.

Occam's Razor? Greene's never heard of it. Probability? She shrugs it off. Critical thinking? She hasn't thought of it.