STUPID TECH: Do you really want eyeglasses that whisper to you all the time?

As Geoffrey Fowler in the Washington Post reports, "Echo Frames are eye glasses "with tiny speakers and a microphone so you can have your own private conversations with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant everywhere you go...This new version of Alexa is much more proactive about chatting." He reports that it is "driving him bananas" and not in a good way. This is not surprising.

Unlike the even more annoying Google Glass, there's no image projected on your lenses. Google Glass was a headache inducing, car-crash-guaranteeing product. One thing that Echo Frames has in common with it is the power to distract and the power to add to the already burdensome overabundance of information we're processing in normal life every day, in and out of our media.

Fowler notes, "From afar, you look like you're talking to yourself. Up close, Alexa isn't smart enough to know when you're speaking with another human, so sometimes it interrupted with its random chirps. (Just try explaining, 'Oh, sorry, my glasses are talking to me right now.')" Annoyingly, The Echo Frames Alexa will read your messages and updates and alerts to you aloud, without prompting. No one but you can hear them, but still--constant interruptions in whatever you're doing. And you're meant to wear these glasses most of the day, as you would your old eyeglasses. Aren't we already sufficiently attention-deficit, thanks to our technology?

Also consider that this is just one more hackable technology--one more way to track your movements and choices. One more window for an invasion of your privacy...The glasses are a hundred and eighty bucks but really this is a kind of beta, and as Fowler points out, Amazon should be paying you to try them out, not vice versa.