Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist: COVID nasal tests take your DNA so the government can create flesh-eating zombies

"Speaking on The Jim Bakker Show this Tuesday, right-wing conspiracy theorist Steve Quayle warned Bakker's audience that "diseases that are designed to initiate cannibalism in human beings" and turn them into literal zombies are upon us. He suggested that coronavirus nasal swab tests are actually a ploy to collect human DNA in an effort to turn people into flesh-eating zombies....Quayle said that while his claims sound like "wild stuff," the military has a "manual" about it."

Ah, and whose show is this? Former televangelist, fresh-from-jail--Jim Bakker is who. A guy sent to prison for fraud. It's almost impossible to pick the sleaziest, most dishonest televangelist. But Jim Bakker is right up there--or down there, if you prefer. He defrauded hundreds of thousands of people and he's a gigantic reeking hypocrite. He never stops the bullshit, either--check this out:

Televangelist Jim Bakker calls his Missouri cabins the safest spot for the Apocalypse