Religion And Desperation Make You Stupider: An Example, The Oil-Drippin’ Bible!

"Chemical analysis tests gathered by the Times Free Press challenge the basis of a popular Dalton, Georgia, ministry that claims to have a Bible flowing with oil."

Mineral oil, that is. These here fellas have a Bible miraculously flowing with it! "Each week, hundreds of people come to Dalton's Wink Theater to see the Bible owned by Jerry Pearce. Those who gather described deep religious experiences when the oil Bible touched them. Others said the oil cured them of sickness or helped them kick addictions. Through donations, Pearce and Johnny Taylor, the other leader of His Name is Flowing Oil, have made a full-time job of traveling the country with the Bible..."

His Name is Flowing Oil! Oh, Great Flowing Oil, heal my sickness! So spiritually inspiring!

People needing to kick addictions, or trapped in sickness, are being ripped off, their desperation being cruelly exploited--in a particularly ludicrous way--by these heartless hustlers. The Chattanooga Times Free Press investigation located "two Dalton Tractor Supply managers visually identified Pearce and said he consistently bought gallons of mineral oil." Chemical tests confirmed the oil is mineral oil.

Besides the Moral Stupidity of these con artists, there's the Sad Stupidity of those who've had their native critical thinking skills truncated by desperation and the low-grade oiliness dripping from the silly side of religion.

There are some brilliant people who are religious. But don't look for them in Dalton, Georgia.