“QAnon Crowd Convinced UFOs Are a Diversion From ‘Voter Fraud'”

"They want you talking about aliens because they don't want you talking about Maricopa," Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson tweeted...The voter fraud fantasized by GOP extremists and Qanon tinfoil-hatters, repeatedly disproved with audit after audit, is being hidden behind a smokescreen of UFO reports, we hear.

As per The Daily Beast: '"There's no doubt that this mainstream UFO disclosure push is offering a convenient distraction for the Deep State to turn our attention away from important issues like the Scamdemic and the election fraud getting exposed," Jordon Sather, a UFO and QAnon conspiracy theorist, complained on social media network Telegram on May 19...Recently, InfoWars has started to see the prospect of extraterrestrial revelations as a deep state plot. In an April video, InfoWars staffer Greg Reese posited that the UFOs were being faked using technology from inventor Nikola Tesla and the Nazis, with the ultimate goal of faking an alien invasion to enslave humanity in "the most dire false flag imaginable."'

What a weird cluttery mess of contradictory ideas!

MEANWHILE the whole idiotic voter fraud thing in Arizona is life imitating satire:

"Cyber Ninjas' counters have spent the last few weeks hunting for bamboo fibers on the ballots, trying to find evidence that fake ballots were shipped in from South Korea and shining UV lights on them, possibly to check for watermarks that QAnon conspiracists think Trump added post-election," MSNBC informs us. "They've completely eschewed normal auditing procedures like, you know, keeping track of how many ballots each table is counting at any given moment, according to Jennifer Morell, a former election official who observed the Maricopa County process last week."

"In more than a decade working on elections, audits and recounts across the country, I've never seen one this mismanaged," Morell wrote in The Washington Post.