“Pharmacist who destroyed more than 500 vaccine doses believes Earth is flat & the sky is not real”

The pharmacist, who has agreed to plead guilty to charges of attempting to spoil the vaccine, also believes the Earth is flat and that the sky is not real, according to court documents.

It's emblematic of the kind of people who believe that vaccines are dangerous; people who are human echo chambers for conspiracy theories. In the case of most anti-vaxxers, if you look closer at their beliefs and their internet lives, you'll find they're entangled in a panoply of falsehoods.

Science-denying makes them feel important. "I'm bigger, smarter than all science!" they seem to think. And they're too intellectually lazy to check on their facts, so...

" Steven Brandenburg, the overnight pharmacist at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wis., had said he thought the vaccine would harm people, make them infertile and implant them with microchips.: