People Posing Stupidly, Dying or Nearly Dying: the 21st century’s Special Stupidity

Woman falls out of car window and onto highway while filming Snapchat video is just the latest manifestation of this idiotically multiplying mishap. File this under "Stuff that didn't use to happen".

And why didn't it? People posed and filmed in precarious places, before Snapchat and Instagram, back in the mid 20th century. Now and then one probably slipped, and fell off a cliff. But nothing like now. More than 250 people have died while taking selfies between 2011 and 2018. "Researchers found that men were more likely to take risks -- like standing at the edge of a cliff -- to capture a dramatic shot..." Not too surprisingly--men do impulsive things, especially when women are watching. Males have a gift for magically chucking away their IQ points on the instant.

What is surprising: numerous people died "while trying to snap a quick pic in front of a moving train." That is so stupid it satirizes the general obtusity of the human race. If ETs are watching us, they must laugh and slap their bony little knees at that.

Yes, 250 dead just in that stretch of years and those are just the ones we know about. In many other cases their bodies might simply be found later, with no one discovering the actual cause...

Why is this happening now? It's a trend now because people are 1) more distracted, more mindless, due to social media addiction and 2) the addiction leads to desperate efforts at attention, which means taking stupid risks.

Media can be a fine thing. But if we're not careful, our media addiction make us stupider. And more likely to die a ludicrous death...