"Around the world, people die every year from outbreaks that vaccines could have quashed, from polio in Pakistan to human papillomavirus infections in Japan," the Washington Post tells us today. Anti-vaccine paranoia, misinformation and sheer stupid obstinacy kills numerous people every year. Now it's the age of the coronavirus...

According to epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci "...the fact that many Americans say they won't get a coronavirus vaccine, makes it unlikely' that the US will achieve sufficient levels of immunity to quell the outbreak."

The CDC tells us that Herd Immunity is when "A situation in which a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease (through vaccination and/or prior illness) to make its spread from person to person unlikely. "

We could get Herd Immunity (also known as Community Immunity) in the USA if enough of us get vaccinated. After all, a good vaccine against Covid-19 really is coming. But wait!

As many as one in five Americans say they would refuse a coronavirus vaccine! Which means--covid-19 coronavirus will continue to spread. It will continue to kill. It has killed more than 120,000 Americans and it is far from done. So, because anti-vax / conspiracy theory believers are uneducated and uniformed--that is, they're stupid--you are at greater risk of dying. Yes, you might die, if the vaccine hasn't (once it's created) reached you yet,--or be maimed, since covid-19 can do brutal longterm damage--all because ignorant anti-vaxxers think they know more than legitimate scientists.

Here's a pithy article helping to explain why anti-vaxxers are wrong: 6 Dangerous Anti-Vaccination Arguments Analyzed, Explained, And Shut Down with many links to source material...