Moral Stupidity: A-hole Cyclist Bashes Woman to Hospital and Then Says Everyone Should Just Stay Out of His Way

There's such a thing as moral stupidity. This guy is an example. (Yes, all this happened a couple of years ago. He just seems starkly representative, to me, of a special kind of stupidity that's becoming more prevalent.)

"I hate to slow down," the cyclist said when asked why he didn't. "Most of the time people move. These people wouldn't move," he added, noting that moms with strollers were part of the problem, too.

"After he hit her, he didn't even ask if she was OK. He just started yelling and swearing at her. I ended up walking over and told him twice to stop yelling at her."

In a Facebook post from an urgent care facility, he said, "So first ride without the brace and some pedestrian wouldn't move!! Centennial trial (sic) is not yours alone pedestrians!!"

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