“Misogynistic ‘dating coach’ among those charged in the Capitol riot.” No joke!

Misogynistic 'dating coach' among those charged in the Capitol riot says CNN. I know, misogynistic dating coach sounds like The Onion. Nope. This all-in-for-Trump MAGA incel is not kidding. Samuel Fisher has been arrested for breaking into the capitol building; hopefully they'll get him on RICO conspiracy charges for planning attempted murder.

Here's some of his, er, dating advice: "You should be able to learn, you know, various black-magic hypnosis skills"...He recommends seducing women with a "hypnotic gaze" and so-called "porn-star sex games". He says women are the least-trustworthy people he's ever met (all women, apparently) and he says "if you can't tell a woman to shut the fuck up when she's talking nonsense, you have a real problem, dude."

Now that's a dating coach! It's like he's saying, "Try demeaning women--they love it! And don't forget to take my special courses in black magic hypnotic seduction! They'll love that too! But if they don't--who cares! They should shut the fuck up! That'll be three hundred dollars please."

He's a cartoon, a parody of a misogynistic incel. But he's also dangerous. Because he's armed--and he's stupid.

He boasts of his part in the capital riot, saying, "though people got killed...who cares, it was fucking awesome." He talks repeatedly of executing liberals and democrats and he brandished guns in videos when he spoke about it. He put all that up online....

Not only does he think misogynistic, lunatic ramblings about hypnosis, and telling women to shut up makes him a, yes, DATING COACH, he also believes he can talk with impunity online, in public view, about planning the murders of members of congress. That makes him astonishingly stupid in so many different directions at once. He's like a sun going nova with sheer stupidity. It's blinding!

He has no self knowledge whatever. He has no understanding of women at all. He's salivating over planned murders. He's armed...and he's stupid enough to use the weapon in the stupidest way possible. He needs to be kept off the street.