Loyalty over Ability – Another Step Toward Idiocracy

From Politico: The White House on Monday announced that it was assigning Michael Kratsios, a 33-year-old White House chief technology officer, as the head of research and engineering for the entire DoD. Kratsios, who has a bachelor's degree in political science, is replacing Michael Griffin, a former NASA administrator with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

This is part of a Trump pattern, using a loophole to avoid Senate confirmation so to install Trump-loyalists at the Pentagon, and elsewhere. The officials installed are usually at best under-qualified--often wildly so. They do not have the chops, the expertise, the IQ, to do their job. When it happens at the Pentagon, clearly it's putting our nation at risk. It's a security problem. And "coincidentally" it's another favor to the Russians. The weaker we are militarily, the more Putin likes it.

All this sounds like satire; it sounds like The Onion. But elevating inept yes-men into influential positions is just business as usual in the Trump administration. Remember the installation of someone entirely unqualified to head NASA. Underqualified, inexpert, or worse: sometimes these people are utterly unqualified and have no expertise at all.

American University history professor Allan Lichtman, said, "There is no question that this is the most unqualified and inexperienced cabinet in the modern history of the presidency. Several of the cabinet officials not only lack the most basic qualifications for their jobs, but are intent upon undermining the fundamental mission of their departments."

These new appointments in the Pentagon are part of a pattern of drastically lowering standards. Which is the road to a pit, a sinkhole of deep, deep stupidity, from which we may never be able to emerge.