Kansas Knucklehead asks Court for ‘trial by combat’ with Japanese swords to settle dispute with ex-wife

"An enraged ex-husband has asked an Iowa court to grant his motion for a 'trial by combat' so he and his former partner can settle their differences like a pair of Game of Thrones characters," says the Daily News. Apparently he wanted a "Game of Thrones style" fight with her and her lawyer. He went on to claim this hasn't been made officially illegal, therefore it's legal. One could assume he's not serious--but he was serious enough to make an official request to the court. He probably filed it in a state of rage, perhaps while on drugs and alcohol, since he wasn't actually prepared: he asked the court for time to get proper Japanese dueling swords.

The guy is some variety of crazy, one assumes, but this is also an expression of the utter decay of social norms--in this case legalistic norms--and the brain-stultifying power of witless fannishness. Do not be surprised if someone sues because their employer won't let them cosplay at work, every day, dressed as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, or simply...Batman.