Famously loony Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has just appeared on a radio show hosted by white-nationalist Steve "busted for Fraud" Bannon, where she ranted that "Businesses are failing, our border is being invaded. We have, you know, we're sending all this money overseas for more people to invade us..." What she meant by "sending money overseas for more people to invade us" is hard to say. She went on to encourage the deaths of numerous Americans: "We need to stop the masks, stop the vaccines..."

The Qanon-twisted Rep from Georgia seems to be saying that concern about Covid-19 is damaging the economy and our lifestyles. Yet getting rid of vaccines and masks, just now, Marjorie, would of course hugely prolong the pandemic--and the damage to the economy. And it would mean that vastly more Americans would die of Covid, a disease that has killed close to 600,000 Americans--which is just the deaths we're sure of, since it's likely quite a few more Covid-sufferers weren't diagnosed before dying.

Thanks to babbling idiots in places like Florida and Texas, where Spring Break super-spreaders have pumped up the disease, our gains in stopping the virus --through masks, social distancing and vaccines-- have been seriously undercut. And now Rep. Greene wants us to stop vaccinating as well, even though vaccination has been making a re-opening of the full economy feasible. She seems moronically unaware that if she persuades people against the vaccine, fewer people will be vaccinated...and more people will die.

Apparently--I can't think of another explanation--she simply wants to do more damage than she already has. What she did, in treasonously encouraging the January 6 insurrection, isn't enough for her. She's called for firing Dr Fauci--an epidemiological expert who was one of the few sane people in the previous administration and who is still a great help in explaining what we need to do to get through this pandemic. But sure, let's get rid of that guy.

And she's even pushed a laughable conspiracy theory asserting that Dr. Fauci paid for the development of the virus Covid-19! It's not enough for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be ludicrous--she has to go for bizarrely ludicrous. Apparently a few minutes passed without anyone paying any notice to Greene, hence she desperately flailed about looking for more attention. So she yowls, "Covid-19 was created by Dr. Fauci and we need to stop vaccines!" Evidently she thinks there is a dangerous virus about--after all, she thinks Fauci helped create it, so it must exist--but she doesn't want it stopped with vaccines. We just have to let it kill us.

Is she as insanely stupid as she seems? Or does Representative Greene hunger for American deaths?