Is Qanon actually someone’s experiment in Darwinian herd-thinning?

'Within the alternative universe of the "Q NEWS OFFICIAL TV" group on Telegram, coronavirus vaccines aren't saving lives and bending the pandemic toward its eventual end. Rather, they are bioweapons concocted by an evil cabal of corrupt government officials and drug companies.'

These people are so stupid, that...

"How stupid ARE they?"

They're so stupid that their latest conspiracy theory could get them killed. No, not killed by their fantasized 'evil cabal', but by the coronavirus itself: by covid-19.

Look, it's a simple scientific premise the educated people in America work from: that if you get enough people vaccinated, those people are not likely to become actually infected by the covid-19 virus; you remember covid-19, the virus that has killed more than 510,000 Americans in one year. (Probably more than that--those are just the deaths where the cause was definitely confirmed.) If the people are not infected they're not infectious; they're not spreading the disease. If a majority of people have been vaccinated, fewer and fewer people will get the disease. Herd immunity can be reached and the general spread--and mutation--of the virus, is truncated. Much reduced. The more people who are vaccinated, then all Americans, including the Qanon followers themselves, are less likely to die from it--or to be permanently damaged by it as many survivors have been.

But if you spread the misinformation, the flat-out lie, that the vaccine is a bioweapon, is part of a plot against humanity, fewer people avail themselves of the vaccine, more people get covid-19--and its mutating variants--and that increases the odds, the chances, the likelihood...that Qanon believers will die from covid-19.

Their own bullshit can kill them. Literally. It can kill them dead.

It's almost as if nature--or maybe whoever is really behind the Qanon falsehoods--is carrying out a Darwinian herd-thinning program. Gullible people--Qanon people are amazingly gullible--are more likely to die from covid-19, because they blindly believe the ridiculously improbably Qanon mythology.

So, in the era of the pandemic, the Qanon mythology could almost have been contrived to literally kill...stupid people.

There's a theory I offer freely to conspiracy-theory enthusiasts. Let them run with it.