'"After Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy this week decried the House's new face mask requirement, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) replied with a considered response: "He's such a moron." The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank provided some quotes from McCarthy in support of Pelosi's remark:

"We now have a committee that all of America wants to know the answers to."

"How can you ever get to the bottom of the questions?"

"Never before in the history of Congress has a speaker taken the unprecedented move of denying the other party to a committee of who they selected."

'McCarthy further concluded that the April slaying of a Capitol Police officer was politically motivated -- "based upon if you listen to who made the killing of buying the knife and go out."'

On President Biden: "The president, we sat to met with, that we wanted to be -- keep our path be energy independent."

"Former liberal senator Barbara Boxer is now has the effect of being robbed in Oakland."

'On Pelosi': "She will go at no elms to break the rules."

"We watched time and again where she told the American public they couldn't get a haircut -- except for her. We told her that she fights for the Americans, but they make $5 million in less than a month trading stock options ... on tech companies that were -- that were debating inside the House; that the only reason the market went up, that they made that money was what the outcome of the stocks -- or, the outcome of the bills."