‘I’m a prophet’: Pastor tells his congregation not to take covid vaccine

Louisiana pastor Tony Spell tells his congregation not to get the covid vaccine and claims, "The virus has been a scam from the beginning. It's always been politically motivated for mail-in and ballots and voter ID. That's what has got a new administration in the White House today."

He didn't explain what "mail-in ballots and voter ID" had to do with the virus. He claims, "It's not political at all. I'm not a politician, I'm a prophet."

Spell claims that God will protect his congregants. One of his congregants said the vaccine is "Bill Gates and them trying to kill us."

The scary thing is that apparently 25% of Americans are evangelicals, and a great many evangelicals believe misinformation about the virus, believe the vaccine is part of a conspiracy, and it's "too much gov'mint interference, ya'll."

In short, they're people whose ignorance is putting the rest of us at risk of our lives. They will help transmit the covid-19 virus and its variants by attending crowded church events without a mask, by refusing vaccines, and spreading lies about the pandemic. People like these idiots in Louisiana, far across the country from most of you, put your lives--yours--at greater risk.

Here is a most entertaining (and yet frightening) video about this idiot and his congregants.

Meanwhile, Yahoo News reports: "Self-styled evangelical prophet Jeff Jansen says he still believes that Donald Trump is president, and is certain that God will 'do something' to the Biden administration on April 25...Jansen is the co-founder of the Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and a self-proclaimed prophet.'" More on that in the Stupefied! column here at Stupid America...