Fantasy Cos-Playing Viking Guy is a Qanon speaker at a demonstration. The drugs are working. Despite the fact that the Qanon hero, Trump, was frequently in the company of a serial molester of young girls, Jeffrey Epstein, and despite the fact that Trump has been credibly accused of rape and boasts in his memoir of persuading women to cheat on their husbands with him, the Qanon people insist on claiming that it's the leading Democrats who are sex-crime monsters. And despite the fact that there is no evidence whatever that the Democrats stole the vote, Cos-Playing Viking Guy has read statements from people online that supposedly corroborates the Qanon deepstate conspiracy fantasy that Trump was re-elected, at least in his bong-bonged mind--so he's going with that. He hopes to become the next Defense Secretary and this is his uniform for that appointment. By the way, many white supremacists are into Viking mythology, as represented by the tattoos (or possibly magic marker drawings) on Cos-Playing Viking Guy's chest.