Gun Fans are posting pictures of themselves pointing guns at their own genitals? Yes. It’s not “The Onion”

"Why are people pointing guns at their dicks and taking a picture of it?" It's about "Gun fandom", Vice tells us. 'Like with any other fandom, there's levels to gun culture. In the online gun community there are "normies" and "fudds." Normies cover a range of people, anyone from a basic handgun owner to the completely uninitiated. Fudds--as in Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd--are the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts. Some fudds hate normies and the way normies talk about guns. Even the normies who know their way around a firearm...A chief complaint among fudds is the normie's devotion to safety, typically manifested as knee-jerk praise of trigger discipline.'

So they post pictures of having a gun pointed at their dicks--with finger on trigger--to show how bad-ass...or how "don't tell ME what to do!" they are. We already knew the gun-obsessed were stupid. But stupid enough to point guns at their dicks and post pictures of this...? Yes they are.

In America today, life imitates satire.