False Stories spread by Idiots Hamper Wildfire Response

FBI says false arson claims hampering wildfire response.

So many levels of moral stupidity and general idiocy to unpack here. There's an expression: "emotional intelligence." If you haven't got emotional intelligence you're unaware of your own emotional motivations; this makes you more likely to put your own kneejerk impulses above simple decency. And you may well be spreading lies online claiming that so-called "antifa" is deliberately starting wildfires. The ethical imbecility of spreading this particular lie sets the stage for click-baited Trumpies to mindlessly spread this false story.

This has led to another stupid response: armed right-wing militia nuts have been setting up checkpoints to search for "antifa" agents supposedly setting fires. Since there are no such agents, if they find anyone they choose to be suspicious of, they're going to be threatening the safety, the rights, the very lives of innocent people.

"Antifa" doesn't really exist as an organization. "Antifa" is just a loose term for people against fascism. But these numbskulls don't bother to research that. (Here are five myths about antifa explained.)

Within the last hour, as I write this, a fire-fighting official in Oregon said it was profoundly regrettable that anyone would spread falsehoods making it harder to handle a fire crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Members of my own family in Southern Oregon lost their home to the fires. Imagine how I feel about all this.

If already overstretched firefighting resources are impeded by militia and rumors, then more homes will be destroyed, and more people will be forced from to evacuuate--40,000 have had to evacuate in Oregon (reports of the number reaching 500,000 has were erroneous). People are dying from this giant conflagration, too.

The fires have been caused by climate change. Plain and simple.

Read about it here: The fires raging out West are unprecedented. They're also a mere preview of what climate change has in store