Flat Earth theorist "Mad" Mike Hughes dies in rocket crash -- we are not making this up: trying to prove the Earth was flat, Mike Hughes went up in a HOMEMADE rocket to try to prove the Earth is flat, said rocket crashing with him in it, killing him. He was taking pictures to try to prove the Earth is not a globe. He did this once before, but, apparently unsatisfied with his proofs -- apparently noticing he was wrong about the Earth being flat -- tried to go higher for something definitive that would prove all science, aeronautics, and human learning wrong.

The poor man. There, I said it. Sad to be killed by ignorance--he ignorantly build a homemade rocket, ignorantly made it badly, ignorantly did it to try to prove that his ignorant believe was....not ignorant.

Please note that, as a friend of mine put it, The Science Channel "egged him on" by filming this idiocy. They were not only encouraging him--paying him!--to take on this absurd risk with a homemade rocket, they were helping him spread disinformation and ignorance. But then, it's a long time since the Science Channel was a science channel.

We should be able to ignore flat earthers but they are sickeningly numerous now, thanks to the idiocy promulgated on youtube videos (doubtless by the same vastly discredited knuckleheads who claim we never visited the moon) and we have to try to patiently explain things in order to prevent their viral stupidity from spreading. Just be amazed this medieval imbecility is happening in the 21st century.

There are many levels of stupidity to unpack, in poor Mike Hughes' death, and there's another level of sadness: he died for stupidity itself. All the evidence, empirical, mathematical, and so on, is 100% opposed to the flat earth revival, and yet he died for it. good reason, at all.

I do hope he gets the Darwin Award. That would be something, winning an award posthumously, wouldn't it?