Confirmed: Trump Seriously Wanted People to Inject Disinfectants

Yes, disinfectants--like Clorox, say. Lysol. Yes, our President is just...that...stupid.

Former National Institutes of Health official and former Pandemic Preparedness chief, Dr. Rick Bright, confirmed that Trump "....thought [injecting] disinfectants were something we should look into, and that wasn't a sarcastic comment ...I was horrified that I would get a call within a day to start clinical studies to start investigating how we could inject disinfectants. That was a real panic moment for us in science..."

Furthermore: "This is a deadly pandemic. This is a deadly virus. The messaging that President Trump gave to America and the world when he left the hospital about there is no need to be afraid of this virus is probably the most reckless and deadly piece of information I have ever heard," Dr. Bright told CNN's Jake Tapper.

So the claim that Trump was "just joking" is false. What do you expect from a guy who had to pay someone to take his SAT tests for him?