Can they be THAT stupid? Or is this TikTok Crap about “Fake Snow” just trolling?

As power returns to Texan homes after a rare winter storm in the southern state, TikTok is still full of videos spreading the bogus claim that the Texas snow is fake and engineered by the government. 

"Most of the TikToks show someone burning a snowball with a match. When the flame hits the snow, the snow does not melt, which freaks out TikTok users claiming this indicates the snow is abnormal. In reality, all snow reacts this way in a process called sublimation, where the solid -- in this case, snow -- turns into a gas."

How ignorant would they have to be to believe the snow was fake? How incredibly stupid is that? I get it, it doesn't snow much in Texas so you don't have much experience with the stuff but to actually believe it's fake snow? Can they be that stupid? Or is it some kind of hoax in which they pretend to believe the snow is fake? If they're in earnest, I assume it's an extension of the foolish climate-change denialism that the oil companies like to promulgate.

Business Insider continues: 'Misinformation has run rampant since Winter Storm Uri hit Texas. "Fake snow" was a top related-search-query for "Texas snow" on Wednesday, while another false claim alleging Bill Gates played a role in this "fake snow" also ranked high among Texas snow Google searches.'

If these people are sincere then they rank as the Most Ignorant Clucks in America. They deserve some kind of Guinness World Record in stupidity for their inability to recognize snow.