The Oily Obtusity of Ubiquitous CBD

The frantic fad for CBD is driven by a wildcat gold-fever of mindless entrepreneurship. Sell CBD anything! CBD pillows, CBD toothpaste. What's next? CBD on your mashed potatoes, CBD sexual lubricant--why, CBD is a better lubricant for your car! It makes your car feel better! CBD can be used to protect you from mind control rays! CBD on your skateboard wheels makes you a better skateboarder! CBD used on your face every day will completely change your features to those of beauty! It'll make your nose smaller, your chin firmer, your eyes will change to crystal blue! Rub CBD on your husband and he will be unable to cheat on you! Rub CBD on your math test and you'll go from and F to an A, automatically! It changes the equations!

Yes this expensive CBD oil pillow from Brookstone, see link below, probably makes your hair greasy and is another over-the-top addition to the placebo-powered nitwit exaggerations about the efficacy and universality of CBD application. It's rooted in the equally placebo-powered "marijuana will cure anything" mythos. Like, "marijuana cures cancer", et cetera. One feeble study seemed to suggest marijuana was beneficial with a single kind of cancer -- and *maybe* it is, within limits-- leading to absurd conclusion-leaping to "marijuana cures all cancer!" Yes, marijuana and its extracts seem to have some legitimate medical applications: it seems to help with some inflammation issues, a with a tendency to seizures in some cases. Some find pot reduces pain, though it's equally likely they're just so stoned they don't notice the pain; it's behind a "smokescreen" so to speak. But CBD everything? Grow up.

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