Both Russia AND China used Qanon to Spread its Dangerous Idiocy Across the Internet

The stupid are an intelligence asset. That's the irony. A new study shows that Russian and Chinese intelligence services used Qanon to try to destabilize the USA. And to some extent succeeded. Because internet idiots are easily swayed by baseless claims. So the people who claimed they were "American Patriots" and "Q is a patriot" were in fact engaging in a mindless, unwitting form of treason against the USA by helping to spread disinformation from America's enemies.

"Our data collection and analysis has demonstrated that QAnon has been weaponized by America's adversaries," according to Zach Schwitzky, founder of a research company that partnered with the Soufan Center to produce the report. "Actors from Russia, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have all entered the fray amplifying QAnon messaging, most likely as a means to sow further discord and division among the American population."

'"In both 2020 and for the first two months of 2021, almost one-fifth of all QAnon posts on Facebook originated from administrators overseas," the report states. While the report found that Russian actors were behind the majority of this activity last year, it says China emerged as "the primary foreign actor touting QAnon-narratives online" in 2021, timing that coincides with Beijing's ramp up of disinformation efforts targeting the US more broadly.'