Are we too STUPID to ask these questions?

Maybe someone's asking, but if so I haven't seen it asked. So, Trump and Giuliani, for just two, are wealthy, connected men who got infected by Covid-19. They were treated very effectively in a short time. They seem fine now. Yet Covid-19 is a very real danger. So why did fate or nature give them a free pass? "Well, dude," you say, "they very quickly, early-on got the very best care, and the very best treatments." Yes, they got a cocktail of treatments, including, significantly, two monoclonal antibody treatments from Regeneron. The Regeneron therapy has been shown to be safe and quite likely very effective against Covid. Of course they also got Remdesivir and apparently some hormone that makes you all jacked up...They got the whole barrage of applicable medications. They seem to have worked. These two empty-headed hustlers got out of the hospital and partied. Check this: "With Trump a no-show, Mar-a-Lago guests left to party maskless with Rudy Giuliani and Vanilla Ice" we learn.

Mar-a-Lago, Giuliani...and Vanilla Ice partying at Mar-a-Lago. A delicious combination of grotesque banalities, failure and sheer cluelessness!

Okay so here's one question we seem to be too stupid to ask: If this treatment works, why aren't more people getting it? If it's expensive--so what? Why not use federal laws enforcing assistance in a national emergency to get these treatments more widely manufactured and democratically, universally applied to everyone ill? Why are only rich, connected bigshots easily cured of Covid?

Now, here is the babbling Giuliani partying, like Nosferatu at a whiskey bar, without a mask. Trump bumbles around without a mask most of the time. Here's question two: Where is the science that tells us that Covid-19 is so completely and utterly gone from these people that they can't infect other people? How do we know Trump and Giuliani aren't randomly superspreading the virus right now? You can be non-symptomatic and still have and spread Covid-19--that's been demonstrated scientifically. And viruses don't completely leave us. Even if they are not currently infectious--suppose Trump has a relapse? Or Giuliani? Their early stages may well show no obvious symptoms.

Why...why...why aren't we asking these questions? Is it because we're...stupid?