America’s Most Stupid Celebrate 4th of July with Idiotic Fatalities & Injuries

***17 people were hospitalized due to the police trying to keep them safe--and trying to do it in a stupid way. One Arturo Ceja III was arrested Saturday by special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). He bought five thousand pounds of fireworks cheap in Nevada and transported them in rental vehicles to California where he planned to sell them at a 400% mark-up. 5000 pounds in one truck. But that's nothing--he had 32,000 pounds of fireworks in his backyard! (Did his neighbors know this was there? Did they consider what the risk to the whole block if that fireworks dump had exploded?) So the cops decided it wasn't safe to transport the 5,000 pounds of fireworks out of the residential area where the truck was stopped, and they decided to destroy those fireworks right then and there using a total containment vessel (TCV). This unit is supposed to be able to contain an explosion--but that much explosion? They didn't think this through. The vessel blew up and injured 17 people. . .Police are "baffled" by the failure of the TCV but likely it 1) may have been used enough in the past it had some hairline cracks in it, which these cops were too dumb to look for and 2) there's such a thing as too much explosive even for a TCV to deal with. Which common sense could tell you. Stupid-greedy fireworks hustler meets stupid cops and stupid error results stupidly injuring 17 people.

***Sadly, young Matiss Kivlenieks, a 24 year old goalie for the Columbus Blue Jackets died July 4 from a fireworks mortar blast and chest trauma...Someone accidentally (probably drunkenly) shot the fireworks the wrong way.

***Two Chicago police officers were shot and injured while trying to break up a crowd during a Fourth of July celebration in the city, authorities said Monday. The injured officers included a female commander, who was shot in the foot, and a male sergeant, who received a bullet wound in the leg while trying to disperse a large crowd shooting off fireworks. Some in the crowd stupidly felt that their "need" to detonate illegal fireworks was more important than human life.

***Police in Cincinnati, Ohio, said two males, ages 16 and 19, were killed and three others injured at a holiday celebration at a park late Sunday night. The two males were "engaged in a verbal altercation that resulted in the two exchanging gunfire" and the other victims were caught in the crossfire, Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said at a news briefing on Monday. So--July 4 celebration. Booze. Guns. Stupidly drunk idiots start shooting at one another while celebrating Independence Day. Whoopee.

***Across the country, fireworks displays got out of hand. . .In Chicago, a 19-year-old lost their hand and was critically injured as a result of a fireworks injury, according to the city's fire department. In Austin, fireworks were blamed for burning multiple homes to the ground early Monday...In Houston, a 29-year-old woman suffered severe facial injuries due to fireworks in a Kroger parking lot. The woman's injuries were so severe that she had to be flown to a hospital downtown. Meanwhile, a pregnant mom and her 3-year-old son were severely burned by fireworks at a neighborhood block party in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Stupidity with fireworks injured people...

***And of course, America's usual murderous fireworks--the kind that guns emit--went on too, as people stupidly opened fire at one another: At least 150 people fatally shot in more than 400 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend...