Dad had a gun in his pocket when he was playing with his toddler. Wrestling in fun. Accidentally triggered, the gun went off, shooting both the dad and the toddler. The child is in critical condition. That one just happened two days ago--but google "toddler shot when" as I did and you'll come across, "Mother of toddler shot tells media....", "a toddler was shot and killed in a Dallas home", "a toddler is recovering after being shot", "toddler shot dead by four year old cousin"...on and on.

Toddlers get shot--and they also shoot people in the USA, pretty often. Why? They got hold of a gun that some idiot left in their reach, and they fooled with it. In 2015, 13 toddlers accidentally killed themselves with guns, 18 more injured themselves with guns, ten injured other people and two killed other people... In 2017, the Washington Post reported, "On Wednesday two 3-year-old boys were shot by another toddler who found and inadvertently fired a gun at the home of their babysit...The boys were the 42nd and 43rd people to get shot by a child 2017 alone... "

I could pepper you with stats like that all day. It occasionally happens in other countries--it happens far, far more in the USA. (A lot of these tragedies happen in Texas, by the way. Now why is that? Could it be just a whole hell of a lot of guns and a whole hell of a lot of people who are mindless in their use of said guns? Stupidity with guns seems traditional in Texas.)

In every case, sheer unmitigated stupidity is the cause of toddler gun tragedies. It's quite simply, the "grown ups" being stupid with their guns. It's almost as if they were thinking, "I'll just leave this loaded gun here where the baby can get it..."

In some cases, they're showing the guns to the kid. "Looka this! Daddy's toy!" Other times they're accidentally letting toddlers get hold of guns they forgot they'd left laying around. Everytime--it's just...plain...stupidity.

Think about it. They forgot where they left a loaded gun. Just stunning asininity.

We have a lot of smart people in America. But we have a lot of stupid people too. As for example, people who sneer at science, and deny climate change. People who sneer at history and deny the holocaust. People who sneer at gun safety rules and who deny there's a real danger.

Well, if we have to pry a gun from some "cold, dead hands", it'll be easier to take them from the dead babies. The grown up dead people have a stronger death grip.