“5G” conspiracy theory re Covid Leads to the Defrauding of Idiots: $350 “Anti-5G” Tech Just an ordinary USB Stick

Celebrity buffoons were recently promoting the baseless idea that 5G wi-fi tech was weakening people and causing coronavirus/Covid-19 to spread. Inevitably, scam artists are selling devices --which turned out to be ordinary USB sticks--that "shield you from deadly 5G radiation".

Here's from BBC news: 'Trading Standards officers are seeking to halt sales of a device that has been claimed to offer protection against the supposed dangers of 5G via use of quantum technology. Cyber-security experts say the £339 5GBioShield appears to no more than a basic USB drive.

'"We consider it to be a scam," Stephen Knight, operations director for London Trading Standards told the BBC.'

As we reported in an earlier piece: Woody Harrelson and the singer M.I.A. for example...They believe that 5G wireless technology causes (or worsens) coronavirus. This has caused 5G towers to be set on fire and otherwise vandalized and, worse, has caused people to look away from the real causes. It's as if your house is on fire and you see the smoke and someone says "that smoke is coming from a television program! Change the channel and it'll go away!" People who spend half their day on the internet, looking for vanity hits, are going to have no appreciable level of critical thinking. If they weren't idiots before, they are BECOMING idiots. Scientists have debunked all this 5G/coronavirus rubbish.