An Almost-Every-Day Column by Kenneth Volgarus

"A rapper who made a music video to brag about getting rich from coronavirus unemployment benefits was arrested for fraudulently applying for more than $1.2 million in aid...Fontrell Antonio Baines, who uses the stage name Nuke Bizzle, was arrested in connection with an alleged scheme to fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance benefits under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act...Baines bragged about his ability to defraud the EDD in a music video featuring Fat Wizza...In the video, he boasts about doing 'my swagger for EDD.' He holds up envelopes from the agency and says he’s getting rich by “go[ing] to the bank with a stack of these.'...'You gotta sell cocaine, I just file a claim,' a second rapper says." I guess those are the choices, sell cocaine or fraud? ..This is a special kind of stupidity. It's a sort of stupidity broth, with a soupcon of moral stupidity, salted by mindless greed, the overall flavor from being stupid enough to think you could brag in public about the theft on a video. Delicious! ...But in fact, there's a history of rappers bragging about crimes in videos and going to jail for it. Evidence 'came out of your mouth': Rapper who bragged of crimes on Facebook, YouTube gets 12 years - there are many examples. This guy was egregiously stupid about it: "Nykees Earl Campbell wanted to rap about what was real. So he posted rantings in rap videos on YouTube and Facebook Live about his violent war with a rival gang, which played out with deadly consequences on the streets of Dallas....It was exactly what prosecutors needed in their bid to give Campbell serious federal prison time. They say they matched up his words with actual crimes, including an ambush robbery in which he allegedly shot a man eight times while he was asleep in bed...The case reflects a growing trend in which social media-savvy criminals have taken to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sing, rant and write about their misdeeds..." I suspect it's that other kind of stupid at work here: ignorance. Your brain can be working efficiently but if you're ignorant, you're unaware of likely consequences...

"A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other remains while recovering his body." In a posting not long ago we reported on the hundreds of people dead from taking selfies on cliffs (and while standing in front of onrushing trains, and so on). Obviously appropriate fare for the Stupid America website...Not only has it just happened again but they found previously unknown human remains at the bottom of the cliff, from...back when. Like, back when someone else was, guess what, taking selfies on the edge of a cliff. How many bodies are there, down there? Can we account for numerous missing persons this way? Is it like something from a cartoon? That I can readily answer: Yes.

You can preorder a $100 'Trump defeats COVID' commemorative coin at White House Gift Shop -- yes it's true. Trying to explain why that's proof of stupidity in this country is like trying to explain why Mount Everest is an impressive mountain; it's like trying to convince someone that the Grand Canyon is a really enormous canyon. It's like trying to persuade someone that the Pacific Ocean is a really large ocean. There's no need.

Stupid France, too: A French teacher whose body, face and tongue are covered in tattoos and who has had the whites of his eyes surgically turned black complained he was prevented from teaching at a French kindergarten ... And he lost that gig. Apparently small kids and their parents found him scary. And he was clueless enough to not know this would happen? A special variety of stupidity.

When idiocy is lethal. PONTIAC, Mich. -- A dispute over cutting in line led to a fatal shooting outside a popular haunted house in southeastern Michigan, police said... “The victim and his girlfriend had been waiting in line to enter Erebus Haunted House when a male subject in line ahead of them would not move,” the Oakland County sheriff’s office said. . . .Now the house can be genuinely haunted. They don't have to pretend.

Idiotic Gender Reveal Party Kills Another Person. A firefighter died in the El Dorado fire originally started by a pyrotechnic colored smoke releasing device at a gender reveal party. The fire has consumed 8600 acres, has killed a man and is ongoing. "Currently, fire investigators have identified at least three laws that have been violated, including 'igniting the land' and arson." Oh, the multifaceted stupidity! And why, ultimately, do these parties take place? Because of ...Instagram! Looks GREAT on Instagram! A little candy-like feeling of ego-stroke pleasure--so go ahead and use a pyrotechnic in a wilderness area in the midst of a drought, in the midst of SUMMER...just for your Instagram picture and a little attention. And the land is scorched and the air is fouled and people die. Morons.

Sturgis rally could link event to 266,000 coronavirus cases, study says ...We warned you! Scroll down the column a ways and you'll see we denounced the arrant stupidity of the town of Sturgis allowing its gigantic motorcycle rally to go on in a pandemic year. We expect bikers to be, mostly, kinda dumb (there are exceptions) but the Sturgis administrators should have known better.

GENDER REVEAL PARTY CAUSED 'EL DORADO' WILDFIRE. The fire in San Bernardino County, California, which has raged across thousands of acres and caused a mass evacuation in the area, was caused by a pyrotechnic device intended to reveal colored smoke to announce a baby's gender. What? A gender-reveal wildfire? AGAIN? As The Atlantic reported a couple of years ago, "a U.S. Border Patrol agent and then-expecting father was attempting to create a spectacle out of the revelation of his baby-to-be’s gender, so he shot a rifle into a target filled with an explosive combination of oxidizers and fuel...Upon exploding into a plume of cerulean-colored smoke—it was a boy!— the target set off a blaze that ravaged the surrounding mesquite trees and yellow grassland." This led to 47,000 acres of parched state land burning, which "cost $8.2 million to extinguish."... In Knoxville, Iowa another larger explosive gender reveal device sent shrapnel flying, killing a young member of the family.... Is there no end to the gender-reveal idiocy? Why does it go on? One reason is commerce--easily-led nitwits are being influenced by online platforms marketing new and better gender reveal angles...

Man drinks seven pints of his own urine a day, claims he never gets ill, reports the NY Post. Many, many people do not get ill (more before covid, but even now). There's an explanation for his drinking all this piss, all day, besides a spurious health regimen. There's a psychological or neurological explanation. There's also a simpler explanation, that will do very well: he's an idiot.

A CNN poll earlier this month informed us that 40 percent of Americans would refuse a coronavirus vaccine. 40%! More than 100 million, if the poll accurately reflects the preferences of the country as a whole. That is a disaster in the making. Countless people will die as a result of anti-vaxxer idiocy and covid conspiracy theories. And it's mostly a result of online misinformation that spreads as eagerly as any virus. The internet magnifies stupidity.

Coronavirus hasn't stopped groups from gathering, but it has led to grim consequences. Over and over again, same pattern. People stupidly ignore CDC guidelines, they have big gatherings, people get sick--and covid19/coronavirus spread is accelerated. Some people will die from catching the disease at these events. Others will be maimed. Covid-19 can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney damage, permanent lung scarring, and brain damage. The people organizing these events are acting as if they've already got brain damage. Here's something to remember: the lockdowns, the quarantines--it's all temporary. Sure it's taking an onerously long time, but by Spring things will be much better, more open. The worst will be over in a year. You can't socially distance and stay home as much as possible...for a year? Really? When so much is at stake?

Well we warned you. That the Sturgis Motorycle Rally, which attracted 250,000 bikers, would spread covid-19. And it did. Because these people are just that stupid. Coronavirus cases linked to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota last week have now reached across state lines to Nebraska, public health officials said.At least seven Covid-19 cases in Nebraska's Panhandle region have been tied to the rally, Kim Engel, director of the Panhandle Public Health District, confirmed...

President Donald Trump asked officials whether the U.S. could swap Greenland for Puerto Rico because, in Trump's words, "Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor." Moral stupidity, certainly--but was he really stupid enough to think that such a thing could ever be arranged? According to the former Homeland Security chief--Trump was serious. So yes, he's stupid enough.

You know, your brain doesn't full develop until you're through your early twenties. That's a fact of neuroscience. Maybe that's why, last night... As coronavirus cases among young people continue to spread throughout the country, videos posted to social media show a large gathering near one Georgia college with unmasked partiers crowded together. Meanwhile, young people account for more than 23% of all cases of Covid-19 in Georgia. There have been 4,702 deaths from the disease in Georgia--that we know about--since the state began keeping Covid records. There are 237,030 cases of coronavirus known in Georgia. A significant percentage of those people will die; many others will be maimed by the disease which attacks your heart and other organs as well as permanently scarring your lungs. You'd think college students would have tracked that data. If they did and they still went to the crowded gathering of unmasked partiers--then they're stupid. They may not live long enough for their brains to fully develop. Of course, procedures are blurry in Georgia because they have an idiot for a governor...

Lunatics and numbskulls are having a grand old time with Covid-19! Behold a sample lunatic: COVID-denier in Wisconsin calls social distancing & face masks "satanic worship" ...And here are the numbskulls: Group of unmasked people take over New York bus and hold party. Over a dozen people can be seen smoking and drinking on the CNN video during an impromptu party held on a New York City bus. Oh it's so tempting to fall into schadenfreude, and mutter smugly about the forthcoming Darwin Award, but I pity these dumbbells, since the chances of a lethal covid-19 infection spreading among them is high...

Was there some secret plan, sometime, to send all idiots to Florida? It seems to have worked. Surrrrrrre are a lot of them there. Florida sheriff bans his deputies and office visitors from wearing masks on a day his county broke records for Covid-19 deaths ...

Watch this 18 second video and learn that The President doesn't know that the Second World War didn't happen in 1917. He thinks the flu pandemic happened during World War II.

"Infectors Assemble!" They're assembling at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. They expect it to draw 250,000 people. The town council of Sturgis is no doubt elated since it means big money for the merchants, as it does every year, and the council-members probably wear masks and distance themselves safely, so they don't care. If tens of thousands of people are infected with a deadly virus on their watch, what's it to them, they made their money. Greed makes people stupider than they were already. So does macho arrogance--and general ignorance--which sets the stage for 250,000 bikers to congregate in sweaty close proximity. Stoked with booze, hick empty-headedness, and a variety of drugs, they're not likely to wear effective masks if they wear them at all...Count on a big spike of infections out of Sturgis. And the infected, coming from just about every state in the nation, will then go home to spread it among us all...Oh, bikers, you're born to be wild. . .Wildly selfish and ignorant.

But are bikers the only damned fools spreading covid-19 this way? Nope. Georgia's doing it with its high schools. Nine people test positive for the coronavirus at Georgia school where photos of packed hallways went viral.

A Trolls doll is being pulled off store shelves amid complaints it promotes child abuse. The button to activate giggling when the doll is made to sit is between the doll's legs. This I guess encourages some people or kids to fool with the button between the doll's legs and this in turn, the worry goes, will lead someone to think it's okay to muck about in a kid's genitals. I doubt that a pattern of wicked conditioning would ensue, but it was indeed really stupid to put the sound activation button there. Idiotic design. Naturally people will find that placement dismaying...Now Hasbro is having to apologize and recall the silly things. Probably the Qanon nuts will say it was all Hilary Clinton's idea.

Pandemic comfort foods? It's a thing--an unhealthy thing, embraced by people who are self isolating for their health. Now there's Cheetos Mac 'n' Cheese. "The new PepsiCo product comes in three flavors — Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot and Cheesy Jalapeño...Because of the pandemic, more people are eating at home. For PepsiCo, that has translated into growth across its [garbagey] products..." . . .A spokesperson said, We believe there's a long term opportunity here." Nothing like the grand opportunity of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people to get millions of others to threaten their health in other ways...

CDC reports 260 children and staff caught covid-19 coronavirus at a sleep-away camp last month. The children were not required to wear masks. Stupendous Stupidity to permit the children to go to such a place without protective masks. (Stupid to let them go there at all, really.) ...There was some confusing notion going about, for a while, that children could not catch or convey the virus--idiotic to suppose that kids couldn't get it. As a result of nitwits misunderstanding the experts, because the nitwits weren't really paying attention, covid-19 is spread even more... While camp staff was supposed to wear masks, it seems likely many of them didn't, or weren't consistent, because 17 adults came down with the virus. . .So far, I am unable to find the name of the summer camp--reporters and CDC apparently acting as if it deserves privacy rights or something. Why? These knuckleheads helped spread the virus among children, when the health and safety of these children should have been their first concern--the camp company and staff deserve to be called out for this dangerous stupidity, and called out by name!

"You can't Drive this New Lamborghini supercar down your street" --this 819 horsepower "supercar is not street legal. You can imagine how much this item, which is like something designed by an adolescent boy, would cost...If you're that rich and inclined to stupid purchases, you can buy this absurd object and sit in it, sometimes. You could caress it, too. Oh and "If you buy the Essenza SCV12, Lamborghini will let you keep it in a special garage at the company's headquarters in Italy."

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert, who frequently refuses to wear a mask, tests positive for Covid-19 at the White House...So when will they figure it out? When will covid-denialists work out that it is as dangerous as the CDC and WHO have reported? When will the realization penetrate their thick skulls? After they're all sick and many of them are dying? But Louie Gohmert being thick-skulled is no surprise--he... is.... special! Here's what the Rational Wiki says about him: "What makes Gohmert remarkable isn't his run-of-the-mill Tea Party positions, but rather, that he defends them with alarmist non-sequiturs: Jesus hates taxes![7] Gun control will lead to bestiality![8] The American Jobs Act is an attack on marriage![10] Obama talking to BP about the 2010 oil spill is just like Hitler![11] Foreign aid to China will lead them to sell us food with cats and dogs in it![12] Oil pipelines are good for wildlife![13] Hate crimes legislation leads to necrophilia![14] Etc. Etc.

Trump's flagrant, bumbling ignorance makes me laugh aloud. "The 1619 Project" is a New York Times series looking at the legacy of slavery in the USA, for the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of slaves here; the authors believe much of American life has "roots in slavery and its aftermath." Trump, in an interview on Fox News, said, "I just look at -- I look at school. I watch, I read, look at the stuff. Now they want to change -- 1492, Columbus discovered America. You know, we grew up, you grew up, we all did, that's what we learned. Now they want to make it the 1619 project. Where did that come from? What does it represent? I don't even know."....Now, how is that not hilarious? Meanwhile that charmer from Arkansas, Senator Tom Cotton, reacted in outrage to the 1619 Project by saying that slavery, in America, was "a necessary evil." That's moral ignorance, rather than the "has no clue" kind Trump exhibits.

"No, a reporter didn't call Kayleigh McEnany a 'lying b**ch,' but Fox ran with it anyway"...Someone on twitter claimed that reporter Kimberly Halkett called Trump's press secretary Kayleigh McEnany a "lying bitch" in a hot mic moment during a press conference. Only, she didn't. She said, "Okay, you don't want to engage." This is confirmed by the White House's own transcripts. And it was just some twitter knucklehead spouting off. But what did Fox News do? They ran with it as if it were a fact. Not new for them, to do that kind of thing, true. But it's especially idiotic, considering that it's easy to disprove the claim. And they could've checked. But they were too, well, stupid to do that. One wonders how people hear "lying bitch" in what was said. Could it be some Freudian-slip phenomenon? Some kind of ...unconscious prompting, due to a knowledge that, in fact, the lying part of the slur rings true? Well I would not call Ms. McEnany a bitch. No. I would however say that, along with her boss, she's a world-class prevaricator.

Fox News guest says teachers union conspiring to close schools so they can ‘sexualize our children’ Laura Ingraham had former Los Angeles Unified school teacher Rebecca Friedrichs on her show. After claiming that teachers' unions are left-wing plot to destroy America, "Friedrichs...explained that the push-back by unions over reopening classrooms is a 'smokescreen for a far more wicked agenda': The unions, and specifically teachers’ unions, “are actually using our schools to sexualize our children and to train them in anti-American ideology.” Friedrichs then repeated a truly idiotic, utterly exploded myth: "They are teaching our children to sext, to view pornography. They are hooking them up with online sex experts. So what they are doing is grooming our children for sexual predators to use them. This is child abuse." She offered no proof of this Qanon-flavored rubbish. She also explained that not opening our schools, despite Covid-19, is also a devious plot. Do even Fox News viewers fall for this imbecilic babble?

"NO, NASA HAS NOT DISCOVERED A NEW ZODIAC SIGN...A new zodiac sign has not actually been discovered, NASA confirmed Thursday night. The space agency debunked an ongoing conspiracy theory this week that it had added a mysterious thirteenth sign..." So people think that NASA takes heed of zodiac signs? Of astrological signs? They think that such myth-based pseudo-patterns in the sky can be "discovered" by scientists? Here's one more question: Has the internet reduced our collective intelligence to moron levels?

Truly Stupid: Mets experiment with fake crowd noise at Citi Field ahead of season without fans. How dopey is that. It's not going to really make any difference to fans watching on TV. The ballplayers have said they're indifferent to it. What's the point? By all means, let socially distanced players, wearing masks, play the game. Televise it. But the sports version of "laugh tracks"? Ridiculous.

Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others apparently hacked: A posting on the Twitter account of Bill Gates, for example, said, "Everyone is asking me to give back, and now is the time." It promised to double all payments to a Bitcoin address "for the next 30 minutes"--but "Gates" required a small donation too. Of course none of the tweets were real. The tweets solicited donations via Bitcoin - and hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid out to this hacker. Who paid them? Stupid people. Only a damned fool would think this was real. This reeks of "not realness". So why would you believe it? Do people now genuinely believe EVERYTHING they see on social media? . . .As to how the hack happened, we've consulted an expert, Julian Shirley, who informs us, "Credential stuffing attacks like this are going to get more and more common...They only way it can be stopped REALLY is educating the public on proper password etiquette. this happened because of pass reusing. All three of them reused the same password on other sites or they used a similar password..."

Trump cites game show host as authority that Fauci is wrong about Covid-19. Trump has been attacking his own epidemiology expert--for being an epidemiology expert; for saying that Covid is still very dangerous and increasingly so. "That smart stuff hurts my election stuff!" Trump is saying, in effect. Now he's quoting Chuck Woolery to disprove Fauci! 'President Trump retweeted a post by game show host Chuck Woolery that “everyone is lying” about the coronavirus pandemic in a possible effort to thwart Trump’s reelection.'

Trump wanted to sell Puerto Rico. You know, because, hurricanes and stuff. It's expensive. "Can we can we sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?'" Trump reportedly said, according to Duke in the newspaper interview.

Fact check: Metal strip in medical masks is not a 5G antenna. Some lunatic, or possibly a very sinister hoaxer with an agenda for creating chaos, has a video in which he "explains" that, "'The antenna killer 5G antenna killer that’s inside the masks that they are telling everybody to wear. So, we took this here out which is a 5G antenna that’s inside the mask, right.' The narrator then shows the metal strip that is inside the top part of a medical mask, used to mold the mask around the user’s nose. "He continues: 'They tell you to put it on so that you can breathe right above your nostrils so you can inhale and it can go straight to your brain and begin to destroy...'" --This weird antisemitic psycho fantasy has been shared a lot on social media, enough so that Reuters has to explain it's all a lie. The stupidity here is that 1) anyone could believe this on this rando's say-so, and 2) anyone could believe this at all.

Dozens of Mississippi lawmakers have coronavirus after weeks of refusing to wear masks - so amazingly predictable. If you're bright enough to see the obvious, that is.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand: Man cuts through fence to escape New Zealand Covid-19 quarantine and visit liquor store ...the guy is Australian. It's well known you just don't get between an Australian and their liquor...

"Republican says he'd rather vote for a 'tuna fish sandwich' over Trump" --just here because it made me laugh aloud.

"Tulsa sees Covid-19 surge in the wake of Trump's June rally" -- Trump spokespersons said that "but everyone there was provided a mask". Only, almost none of them wore the masks--for wearing them was not required, and President Trump had disavowed and mocked mask wearing. Meanwhile, every state that shrugged off most of the needed social distancing restrictions is showing a wild spike of quite predictable covid-19 infections. The stupidity demonstrated by Trump and the GOP regarding this pandemic is its own pandemic.

Brazil's neo-fascist, anti-environmentalist President--a soulmate of President Trump, who thoroughly approves of this Strong Man--has tested positive for Coronavirus after repeatedly suggesting the virus was a hoax or unimportant. Anti-science imbecility has consequences even for the rich and powerful.

Kanye West now says he's for sure running for President. Which of course is very, very stupid of him...I'm told that Kanye West is talented. I suspect his main talent is for hiring really good record producers. He's bright, I'm sure, but has said he doesn't like books. Dislikes reading. This likely because he has dyslexia or Attention Deficit and just doesn't want to tackle it. Still, it's endorsing ignorance...I know for sure he's prone to manias. The guy gets into quite-obvious "I'm king of the world!" manias from time to time. Beyond what's normal for rap (and god knows, it's normal for rap). Now he's in one of his transports of narcissism. "Kanye West said Saturday he is running for president in the 2020 US election...'We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,' West tweeted. 'I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.'"...Notice he said 'trusting God'. Because he's sure that God wants him to be President. Because, in his mind, he's, like...Christ! Narcissism has made a fool of many a clever man.

You know things are bad when the Washington Post says everyone should see the movie Idiocracy because we're living in one now: "When Mike Judge’s movie “Idiocracy” came out in 2006, almost no one saw it...Now everyone should see it. Luke Wilson plays an average Joe who is put into suspended animation and reawakens 500 years later to find himself the smartest person in America because everyone else has gotten so dumb....In other wealthy democracies, coronavirus cases have been plummeting. In the United States, they have risen 80 percent over the past 14 days....Now President Trump is holding rallies in places such as Tulsa, where the disease is surging; campaign aides even removed signs from the arena urging rallygoers to practice social distancing. Trump is planning a Republican convention in a state, Florida, that has become a new hot spot of the disease. How idiotic can you get?...This toxic imbecility is getting people killed."

Treasury sent more than 1 million coronavirus stimulus payments to dead people, congressional watchdog finds. "The checks sent to dead people as of April 30 totaled nearly $1.4 billion, according to the Government Accountability Office"! How is such stupidity possible? Stupid people hire stupid people. Incompetence and sheer imbecility is a hallmark of this Presidential administration. But this--astoundingly stupid!

Amid threats and political pushback, public health officials are leaving their posts ..."Public health workers, already underfunded and understaffed, are confronting waves of protest at their homes and offices in addition to pressure from politicians who favor a faster reopening...more than 20 health officials have been fired, resigned or have retired in recent weeks" reports the Washington Post....What could be stupider than driving away people who are trying to save your life? What could be stupider than protesting against...and threatening...people who are only trying to provide information...for saving your life?

Clueless Thugs Suppress Peaceful Demonstration in Ohio Small Town. Idiotic "believe everything you see on the internet" Trumpian types swarmed a very small demonstration in Bethel, Ohio. They were under the impression that scary "antifa" types were taking over their little town there. They were grossly uninformed. . .But as they were able to engage in bullying and violence and as they outnumbered the peaceful demonstrators--who were simply trying to support Black Lives Matter--they were happy. They were able to hurt people and frighten people with immunity. Violent morons are easily pleased. Just let them bully someone. “...the 80 or so expected demonstrators ended up dwarfed Sunday afternoon by some 700 counterprotesters — motorcycle gangs, 'back the blue' groups...Some carried rifles, a local news station reported, while others brought baseball bats and clubs. Police say they are investigating about 10 'incidents' from the clashes that followed, including a demonstrator being punched in the head...."Counterprotesters...yelling obscenities and threatening us … ripping signs out of our hands, ripping the hats and masks off of our faces, ripping things out of our pockets,” she wrote, above a photo of a man’s bloody face.'

The "controversy" about taking down statues of Confederate "heroes" and renaming bases named after Confederates only addresses part of the historical reality. Racism is only half of it. It's important, sure, and it's definitely enough reason to change the name of the base. But there's something else we should remember: TREASON. Those statues are not only celebrating racism--they're celebrating treason! They're celebrating traitors. All Confederate military men were engaging in flat-out open treason against the United States. And it's especially ironic, and STUPID, that Fort Bragg, as just one example, is named after a Confederate general. Our biggest military base is not only named after a racist--but also named after a traitor! Where is the military base named after the famous traitor Benedict Arnold? Where are the statues celebrating him? And how about a base named for notorious racist George Wallace? I mean--why not, if we're going to name one after General Bragg? Trump's spokesperson said, "To suggest these forts are somehow inherently racist and their names need to be changed is a complete disrespect..." She's idiotically confusing the issue. No one is saying the base is racist. They're saying the person it's named after was racist. If you rename it after a person who's non-racist you still have the functioning military base. It's the same base. It does the same job. Ir has the same history. It just isn't named after a Benedict Arnold. It's not Fort Judas. It's not Fort Ku Klux anymore. Trump's tendency to pick dull-witted people to work for him was never more clearly on display...

"President Donald Trump's campaign is demanding CNN retract and apologize for a recent poll that showed him well behind presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden...Several other polls released over the past few weeks -- including polls by ABC News/Washington Post, Monmouth University, NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist College, NBC News/Wall Street Journal, Quinnipiac University and Fox News -- also show Biden well ahead of Trump. These polls, averaged with the CNN poll, find Biden up by double digits, a result well outside any margin of error." can threaten to sue over a poll now? Either this is monumental stupidity--always a possiblity with the Trump administration--or a cunning plan to try to persuade people that polls are all fake unless they're Trump-favorable.

We did not intend for this page to become so prone to commenting on Trump. But he's so consistently imbecilic: Trump from the Rose Garden: "Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, 'This is a great thing that’s happening for our country.' It’s a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day." ....For us, Donald Trump is "low-hanging fruit".

Certain types of stupidity relate to an inability to see the value of history, of learning, of research, of ancient art, and of people's feelings about their traditional sacred spaces. Here's a perfect example: "Rio Tinto, one of the world's largest mining companies, blew up a 46,000-year-old sacred indigenous site with dynamite to expand an Australian iron ore mine. The site in Western Australia featured two cave systems that contained artifacts indicating tens of thousands of years of continuous human occupation. 'We are sorry for the distress we have caused,' the company said." Yeah like they didn't know...Money was involved so they simply didn't care, because they are too stupid to see what matters more...

WHITE HOUSE REMOVES CORONAVIRUS WARNINGS ABOUT CHOIRS IN "FAITH GUIDANCE."... The "updated guidance" now allows people to cram together and sing, maskless, in church choirs. The warnings, the Washington Post tells us, "no longer includes any reference to choirs or congregant singing and the risk for spreading virus. The altered guidance also deleted a reference to “shared cups” among items, including hymnals and worship rugs, that should not be shared." So magically, through a religious miracle--despite the fact that many people have caught covid-19 in churches--the virus can't be transmitted by people packed together singing loudly and expelling a lot of viral-laden air...It's not as if the pandemic will eliminate choirs, people. It's just temporary. But--the White House can't wait. And its political base doesn't care who dies. A new level of deadly stupidity has been achieved.

'President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening promoted a video from the Cowboys for Trump Twitter account which began with the line, “I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”'

This not only stupid morally--surely his heavily armed followers will take it as permission to murder--but it's stupid politically. Trump is going to hear about this, in a most negative way, from many in the mainstream GOP. The guy who Trump is promoting also said that if covid-19 restrictions weren't listed blood would be shed.

Donald Trump, genius of Public Relations: "Trump golfs amid push to reopen; U.S. deaths near 100,000"

We’re going after Virginia with your crazy governor.They want to take your Second Amendment away. You know that right? You’ll have nobody guarding your potatoes. — President Trump, to farmers at the White House.

This 66-Year-Old Woman Is Suing All Gay People—Yes, All of Them ..."A Nebraska woman is suing every gay person on Earth and asking a federal judge to rule on whether homosexuality is a sin. Sylvia Driskell, 66, describes herself as an ambassador of “God, And His, Son Jesus Christ [sic]” and will serve as her own lawyer in Driskell v. Homosexuals, NBC News reports. In her seven-page petition, written entirely in cursive, Driskell doesn’t reference any case laws for U.S. District Judge John M. Gerrard to consider, but she does quote the Bible and Webster’s Dictionary...'I never thought that I would see a day in which our great nation or our own great state of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some people[’s] lewd behavior,'" ...If stupidity was like gold, there'd be a 'gold rush' right now to wherever this woman lives in Nebraska. Because there seems to be a deep, wide vein, a mighty lode of stupidity there...This woman is so stupid she does not know that she is hilarious.

'Eric Trump claimed Saturday that the coronavirus will “magically” vanish after the November election and allow the country to fully reopen — an assertion that has no basis in science and is contradicted by health experts worldwide. . .In an interview with Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro, Trump suggested the president’s critics were using the pandemic to undermine his father’s rallies, calling it a “cognizant strategy” that would cease once it was no longer politically expedient...“They think they are taking away Donald Trump’s greatest tool, which is being able to go into an arena and fill it with 50,000 people every single time,” the younger Trump said.' ...So a hoax killed more than 88,860 people in the USA Eric?

Trump Touts "Super Duper" Missile... 'President Donald Trump said Friday that a planned U.S. "super duper missile" could outpace those in the nuclear arsenals of foreign nations..."I call it the super duper missile and I heard the other night, 17 times faster than what they have right now," Trump said in reference to Russia and China's nuclear weapons at the beginning of the ceremony.' ... It can be dangerous when children play with grown-up things.

The coronavirus pandemic emptied America’s roadways. Now speeders have taken over. "Three months into the coronavirus pandemic, the United States faces another crisis: a surge in speeding and reckless behavior on the nation’s roadways. Reckless driving has increased dramatically since March, leading to a disproportionate number of speed-related crashes and fatalities, according to law enforcement and traffic experts...The traffic fatality data, compiled from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, confirm the alarming reports across the country that speeding and reckless driving during the health crisis are leading to a disproportionate number of crashes and fatalities."

It really is like people are becoming childish, in the worst sense of the term, during the lockdown. They're reacting by going into weird little stupidity spaces. We also have multiple reports of shoppers being pointlessly rude to retail employees, even spitting at them, especially in supermarkets. One guy opened his ice cream shop up for curbside sort of service but closed it the same day after customers were really rude because there was extra waiting due to lockdown...

"PAYDAY LENDERS THAT CHARGE 400 PERCENT INTEREST WANT ACCESS TO SMALL-BUSINESS LOANS. Critics say the industry takes advantage of economic desperation."...Takes advantage? That's like saying a wolf "takes advantage" of a lamb. If this parasitic, dishonest loan-shark industry gets even a penny of help from Congress, then we're all even stupider than I'd supposed.

Meanwhile, at Frontier Airlines you have to pay extra if you want to stay safe from coronavirus. Frontier Airlines is selling a social distancing upgrade for $39. Gouging for virus-free space. This is a stupid way to deal with the pandemic, and it's also just clueless, tone deaf, with respect to Public Relations. They were too stupid to realize they'd be denounced for this. It's happening in Congress right now.

Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging coronavirus warnings were ignored... What could be stupider than a President ignoring a warning of a pandemic? The implications are so vast. Far more people have to die if you ignore the warning. The epidemic, unprepared for, will last longer, meaning more economic damage. So it's obviously stupid...But then this President routinely does the obviously stupid.

ALSO STUPID: Vice President Pence told reporters today that the coronavirus task force created to manage the federal government’s response to the pandemic could be disbanded within a month because “of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.” The numbers of deaths are radically increasing week to week, the feds have failed to provide testing for the virus, and Trump supports opening the economy up fully which will lead to even more deaths. That's progress? That's stupid.

A man wore a KKK hood at a grocery store after San Diego County required face masks. I don't have to say any more about that do I?

"The IRS sent $1200 to a rich woman who doesn't need it; also she's British and lives in London. "Dead people are receiving payments but many low-income Americans, Social Security recipients and veterans complain they are still waiting for their money." As reported in the Washington Post. Just more embarrassing incompetence and sheer stupidity from the Trump Administration.

"Calls to New York City's Poison Control Center for exposure to certain household chemicals more than doubled after President Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant might be one way to combat COVID-19, the city said Saturday. In the 18 hours after the president's suggestion during a Thursday night news conference, the city center got 30 exposure calls -- nine specifically about Lysol, 10 about bleach and 11 about other household cleaners." ...A Trump fan tried to tell me that no one would really do this stuff, that Trump's remarks weren't taken seriously. But quite evidently his stupid remarks were taken seriously by stupid people.

Trump's America: An Alaska school board removed five famous — but allegedly "controversial" — books from district classrooms..."I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou, "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller, "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien, "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison were all taken off an approved list of works that teachers in the Mat-Su Borough School District may use for instruction. "Caged Bird" was derided for "'anti-white' messaging," "Gatsby" and "Things" are loaded with "sexual references," "Invisible" has bad language and "Catch" contains violence... Dianne K. Shibe, president of the Mat-Su Education Association teachers union, said parents and her members were stunned by the board action." ... We're going backwards so fast I'm afraid we'll crash into the previous century and explode on impact. Trump has created the atmosphere that makes this scholastic "book burning" attitude acceptable. Nothing could be stupider.

It must be *so hard* for the celebrities & VIPs right now. No red carpet shoots, no in-person talk show interviews looking grateful & humbled when the audience claps, no magazine cover-shoots, no getting Special Tables in restaurants, no hobnobbing with celebrity chefs, no having a big film or tv crew around to treat you like royalty, no mobbing fans, no concert goers howling your name. Hardly any paparazzi. No one to stroke their vanity! Zoom? Not enough! What if their vanity shrivels & dies? Pity them! ...But they're scrabbling for attention on Zoom. They scrape up what they can...

Apparently in Arizona if you say your religion disallows reporting it you don't have tell the police that a man confessed to you he is molesting his little girl. 'When a Bisbee man told his Mormon bishop he was sexually abusing his own 5-year-old daughter, the bishop provided counseling. What the bishop didn’t do was report the abuse to police. He didn’t have to. ..there is an exception for clergy to not report if they believe it is “reasonable and necessary within the concepts of the religion..." ...The man continued to molest his daughter, and later, after her birth in 2015, his infant daughter. He made videos of the encounters and posted them on pornographic websites...' Eventually he was busted by Interpol and charged. No thanks to the Mormon Church. And no thanks to Arizona's idiotic law excepting the clergy.

Trump just said he had "hundreds of governors" calling him...Really? From all two-hundred states, Donald?

The racist, moronic attacks against Asian Americans... I have Asian friends who are scared. And they shouldn't have to be. "... a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old were stabbed at a Texas Sam's Club because the perpetrator thought that the family was Chinese and spreading the disease. A 44-year-old man was charged with aggravated harassment after allegedly harassing and pushing a 47-year-old Asian man in Queens who was walking his son to a bus." Also in NYC an Asian family was attacked on a bus because they were "Chinese and spreading the virus". Just utter idiocy... The linked article suggestions provides suggestions as to how you can help. Clearly, the problem is made worse by Trump's providing cover and tacit encouragement to racists...

‘Death is a welcomed friend’: Pastor calls on Christians to defy coronavirus lockdown — even if it kills them... "Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, saying that if his church members die from coronavirus, they’ve done so in the name of religious freedom.

"Spell was charged with violating an executive order that bans churches from holding large gatherings, but showed his defiance last Tuesday by holding a service that was attended by over 1,000 people. Speaking to TMZ, Spell said that true Christians would be willing to die from coronavirus..." Hey, come on, the guy's donations were running short. Standing on a stage, at the podium, he doesn't have to get too close to those people. So let them infect one another as long as the dollars keep rolling in. His followers are distinctly...stupid.

IDIOTIC CELEBRITIES THINK 5G WIRELESS NETWORKS CAUSE CORONAVIRUS. Woody Harrelson and the singer M.I.A. for example...They believe that 5G wireless technology causes (or worsens) coronavirus. This has caused 5G towers to be set on fire and otherwise vandalized and, worse, has caused people to look away from the real causes. It's as if your house is on fire and you see the smoke and someone says "that smoke is coming from a television program! Change the channel and it'll go away!" People who spend half their day on the internet, looking for vanity hits, are going to have no appreciable level of critical thinking. If they weren't idiots before, they are BECOMING idiots. Scientists have debunked all this 5G/coronavirus rubbish.

An Asian-American friend worried that covid-19 ignorance would lead people to attack Asians because they blame China. I said I didn't think it would come to that. I was wrong. . ."Teen girls attacked a woman on a New York bus... said she caused coronavirus...Reports of attacks against Asian people or anyone who appears to be East Asian have intensified after the novel coronavirus outbreak began in China." From: Teens charged with hate crimes for attacking a woman on a bus and saying she caused coronavirus, NYPD says

A train engineer working at the Port of Los Angeles has been charged with stealing a locomotive and intentionally derailing it in an attempt to hit the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship. "The Mercy arrived in Los Angeles last week to provide an additional 1,000 hospital beds to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Eduardo Moreno, an engineer at the port, told authorities he found the boat "suspicious" and drove a train toward the ship because "people don't know what's going on here," the Los Angeles Times reported. This is conspiracy theory bullshit. Lies about the Covid-19 virus spread by right-wing lunatics, Putin operatives and other moral imbeciles. This guy was profoundly stupid enough--and perhaps stoned enough--to take it all the way to derailing a train.

Armed vigilantes in Maine blocked a neighbor's driveway with a tree to force him into quarantine ... So this neighbor had a *gasp!* New Jersey license plate, had been living there a while to work on a construction project, and this terrifying outsider was just out to check on why his cable was down. Neither he nor his room mates have Covid-19 symptoms. "While investigating the downed tree, a neighbor started yelling at him and a group of people showed up and began to gather around. Believing the group may be there to harm him, (he) fled..." This primitive behavior--sheer panic driven idiocy--degrades us all. "A New Jersey license plate? GET HIM!"

Uber Eats is I guess some food delivery sub-set of Uber and a stripper joint in Portland started paying its strippers to deliver food while wearing only short-shorts and pasties, probably in light of people staying home for social distancing...and the bar was calling it Boober Eats. And Uber Eats stupidly sued over that. Uber Eats is a stupid name in the first place, and in the second place they have no sense of humor and are being stupidly delicate and fragile. It's a stupid thing to sue over. But Uber is well known to suck, anyway. Source: Uber Eats has Forced Lucky Lounge's Stripper Food Delivery Service to Change Its Name...

Here's my question. As Trump wants his signature to appear on the subsidizing checks from the federal govt, will people be stupid enough to simply accept this transparent (and unprecedented) effort at vote buying through deception? The check would not normally be from the President, foks...It's deception because the money is not from him and it was not his idea... Even if it were "from Trump"--is it legal to try to influence the election that way? And are Americans stupid enough, intellectually and morally, to let themselves be influenced, when the election comes, because his signature was on the relief checks? Trump's plan to have his name on each check was reported at the Wall Street Journal: Trump buying votes: He has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks...

Every so often someone says something NOT stupid, even if it was some hundreds of years BC. (Or, BCE if you prefer). It applies to so much now--eg, the internet's capacity for boosting stupidity. "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." -- Gautama Buddha. Smart guy, the Buddha. He was endorsing critical thinking, more than two thousand years ago. It's not his fault that people formed a religion around him, and made up myths about him, even though he didn't actually make any supernatural claims at all.

Stupid America? Stupid humanity. Stupid world. PARIS (AP) — "Young German adults hold “corona parties” and cough toward older people. A Spanish man leashes a goat to go for a walk to skirt confinement orders. From France to Florida to Australia, kitesurfers, college students and others crowd the beaches." ...Viral payback is a bitch, young "rebels" as you will find out.

Kansas official: Pandemic isn’t a problem here because there are few Chinese people... “Well, they say it came out of China,” he answered, “and I’m not putting it past the Chinese government in communist China.” Meaning, to export a virus on purpose? “Normally, this kind of thing spreads slowly,” he answered, so “I put two and two together. I’ve been around a long time, girl.” ...You know what's also viral? Idiocy. It can spread, through shared ignorance. This idiot is infectious.

Another insightful observation from President Trump. “People are dying who have never died before”, Trump said today. So he's surprised? Is he a believer in reincarnation or what?

An Oregon police department is asking residents to stop calling 911 because they've run out of toilet paper... 'The Newport, Oregon Police Department put out a notice on Facebook urging residents to stop making emergency calls due to a toilet paper shortage. "It's hard to believe that we even have to post this," the police wrote. "Do not call 9-1-1 just because you ran out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance."' - But hey, that's what the cops are for, right? Emergencies. Urgent...emergencies. People do call 911 for stupid reasons. A lady called 911 because she couldn't remember her passcode. A guy called 911 to insist that crystal meth was legal because he made it with products he'd bought from the store. A guy called to say a bear was in his yard. It was an opossum. A caller dialed 911 at 4:00 on a Saturday morning and asked: ‘Where is the best place to get a bacon sandwich right now?' - All true stories...

Another stupid response to the coronavirus only ends up spreading it: A church in South Korea sprayed salt water inside the mouths of followers out of a false belief it would help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but by using the same spray bottle without disinfecting the nozzle, it resulted in 46 church-goers infected, authorities said on Monday.

Whole Foods CEO suggests employees who are not sick "donate" their vacation time to employees who are sick...Not only morally stupid but it idiotically assumes that the employees who are now well won't get sick. "As a subsidiary of Amazon, the world’s biggest company, Whole Foods could easily afford to pay its hourly employees for sick days taken during the coronavirus outbreak without breaking the bank. Instead, the company has put the onus back on workers... “Considering [Whole Foods] is a billion dollar company, I think it is selfish asking the retail workers to figure it out within themselves,” a Whole Foods cashier wrote to Motherboard in an email."

Silly censorship of vanity plates: in Rhode Island you can be “fatty” but not “chubby;” “tipsy” but not “drunk;” advertise “heaven” but not “hell;” say “dogdoo” but not “doobie;” be an “oldfrt” but not a “jockey;” and proudly trumpet “friar” but not “hoosier.”

A LAYER CAKE OF IDIOCY. How cranks adore Trump..."Wealthy Scientologist John Mappin lives in a castle... and spends his time online boosting byzantine conspiracy theories, including QAnon. He’s a British right-wing political aficionado with ties to ​Trump’s 2016 ​presidential campaign and one of the GOP’s most powerful youth organizations...A giant “Q” flag waves above Mappin’s King Arthur-themed castle..."

That "medical expert" Rush Limbaugh suggests you ignore coronavirus. Judd at Popularinfo reports: "Rush Limbaugh, who was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Trump, has been dismissing the danger of coronavirus, falsely claiming it is just like a 'common cold.' But now Limbaugh is suggesting that his millions of listeners ignore the warnings of a top CDC official, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, because she is part of a deep state plot to take down Trump." ...Messonnier is a MD who's been a public servant for 25 years. But hey, Rush Limbaugh's medical expertise trumps that, right? Classic talk radio imbecility.

"Ex-Missouri officer pleads guilty in fatal Russian roulette shooting" - what were we saying here recently about the prevalence of cops using incredibly bad judgment? "A former Missouri police officer has pleaded guilty to killing a fellow officer last year in a Russian roulette-style shooting. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of off duty-officer Katlyn Alix...Prosecutors said Alix was killed while the two were playing Russian roulette." Officer Hendren initiated the charming pastime. Apparently he had some kind of special relationship with the lady and a lawsuit Alix's family filed stated this idiot also pressed other girlfriends to play Russian roulette! So, repeated acts of imbecility lunacy. I know--let's hire this guy and give him a gun and a badge! There's often a fine line between being simply stupid and crazier than a soup sandwich.

Yes we point up Stupidity in Other Countries too. There's plenty of stupidity to go around, after all. This one pretty much speaks for itself. As Carnival celebrations occupied streets around the world this week, a Spanish parade troupe featured Nazis dancing with guns, scantily clad concentration-camp inmates waving Israel’s flag and a float with two crematorium chimneys. Astoundingly, the parade float planners claimed that it was "a message of consideration and respect." It's flabbergasting to consider how many people had to be involved in this, in an approving way, for it to move forward...

An Apple engineer, who was killed two years ago in a fiery Tesla crash on a Silicon Valley freeway, was playing a video game on his smartphone at the time of the accident... But....Apple Engineers are sooooo smart, aren't they? Except that screen addiction makes everyone stupider. Look, people, Teslas are NOT self driving. Musk's electric car had a feature that helped you drive some but you can't play your damn phone game while driving, even with that feature, you damned fool! But he did.

BARBARISM in the USA. In a time when we have an extinction crisis, along with a horrific diminishing of wildlife in America, 45 states in America allow a WILDLIFE KILLING CONTEST. "Dead foxes were piled high in the pickup truck after the hunting contest in Frederick County in January. Men lifted the bloodied animals out of the truck by their legs, dropping them on the ground to be counted. The winner of the contest killed 38 foxes and won about $400", reports the Washington Post. It's always morally stupid and barbarically churlish to kill an animal for sport...or for a contest. But how STUPID IS IT to allow this mindless brutality at a time of EXTINCTION CRISIS? Astoundingly stupid.

Zuckerberg has staff blow-dry his armpits before speeches, BoingBoing tells us. That's what you were hoping to do when you got that job at Facebook, right?

Also from BoingBoing: Trail of empty pill bottles led cops to Florida robbery suspects In Florida, sheriff's officials say a trail of pill bottles stolen from a Florida pharmacy led detectives to a home where they encountered two men who matched descriptions of robbers seen on surveillance video. Oh Florida Man. Don't ever change.

Oh Good, here's an app that gets you stuck alone on a mountain side miles from civilization. So apparently there is this phone app, see link below, that controls your rental car. You start the car with your phone. But if your car is not in an area with cell service (or presumably if your phone has lost power) you cannot start the car and--you're stuck. 1. Why would you need such an app? 2. How would no one developing the app anticipate this problem with it? 3. They probably did but they were morally stupid enough to gloss over it. And here we go: "today...our app powered car rental lost cell service on the side of a mountain in rural California and now I live here I guess " There's a lot of good technology around. The website program that helps us bring you Stupid America is a good one. But there is ever more STUPID TECHNOLOGY. People rush it into release because...greed. Greed is one of those states of mind that makes people stupider.

And speaking of stupid technology, check out our piece on the new apps for VOTING BY CELL PHONE. What could go wrong?

How did having FACIAL TATTOOS go from being a mark of an unemployable person with really poor judgment, self-loathing, poor taste, and no foresight--to being a celebrity fad? . . .For we are informed by CNN that "At least 6 celebrities are showing off new face tattoos. They include a sneaker and bloody buzz saw" Some of them are putting reverential symbols about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant on their faces--but I don't believe it's out of genuine emotion. Facial tattoos are distracting, and to some extent they interfere with our ability to read a person's facial expression. It's an ink mask. And celebrities, you embodiments of vanity, the face tat will blur, and lose much of its form, too, in a few years. It'll get uglier and uglier! Right now it's trendy and so is the imagery--but it will soon be dated! Your face tattoos will be outdated references. I'm amazed these outcomes haven't occurred to you...Celebrities--you will regret this. It's as if you're carrying a sign around with you that says, "I am a person with poor judgment. I'm not terribly bright." . . . When I see people on the street with face tattoos, I feel pity. Arm tattoos are one thing, but face tattoos are going to limit your options in life. They will grievously limit dating options; they will certainly limit employment options. They seem to suggest, to me, that the person is acknowledging that they're a hopeless case. It's as if they're saying "I'm a loser and I'm owning it." For them, facial tattoos are a (perhaps unconscious) act of despair. But for celebrities, it's sheer imbecility.

A school called police after a kindergartner with Down syndrome pointed a finger "gun" at her teacher. . . .Yes you read that right. Oh, let us unpack the levels of stupid here. The teacher has the judgment of a drunken chipmunk to imagine that any tiny kindergartner is a threat. What'd she think this itsy-bitsy child was going to do--go home and get her Dad's AR15? Then we have the astoundingly bad judgment that the school administrators used in choosing to call in the police. Why didn't they send the teacher home to--perhaps--sober up? But no! Call the cops! . . .Why--I say why would you call the police when a tiny little girl with Down's Syndrome -- we're talking Down's Syndrome, people! -- points her finger at her so-called teacher "like a gun"? THEN--another level to unpack--the POLICE ACTUALLY CAME and conducted a threat assessment! How about, "A little girl pointing her finger? No, ma'am, we cannot send officers out for that."? Is there so little for police officers to do in Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania that they're going to send a team to the school because a pouty 6 year old girl with Down's Syndrome has pointed her finger at a teacher? Do they fire you, in that town, if you show good judgment? Is there lead contamination in the Tredyffrin water supply?

Troubled by imbeciles who deny climate change and our responsibility for it? Try this page, for ammunition: Debunking Climate Denial Myths ...Here's a sample of climate denier mythology: "Climate's changed before - Climate is always changing. We have had ice ages and warmer periods...hence it's all nothing to worry about." . . .Response: Greenhouse gasses – mainly CO2, but also methane – were involved in most of the climate changes in Earth’s past. When they were reduced, the global climate became colder. When they were increased, the global climate became warmer. When CO2 levels jumped rapidly, the global warming that resulted was highly disruptive and sometimes caused mass extinctions. Humans today are emitting prodigious quantities of CO2, at a rate faster than even the most destructive climate changes in earth's past."

Many people with lethal weapons apparently just ache to kill something with them. Cops, notoriously, fire their weapons at suspects (or just Black Americans) when they don't have to. Then there's this chucklehead, having a legit reason to intervene but doing it idiotically: Good Samaritan trying to save neighbor from dog attack accidentally shoots and kills him with crossbow ....Now's my chance to be a hero and KILL SOMETHING, he thinks. What could go wrong?

Internet journalism, even from reputable news sources, is often sloppy. There's a constant pressure on web journalists for faster output. This is, probably, a result of pandering to web readers--editors know that the internet undercuts the attention span; its constant "Squirrel!" distractiveness induces impatience, haste, sloppiness. So internet reportage, even from professionals, is more likely to be muddled, badly written, spotty. In short--stupid. Scan a news site--even distractedly and hastily--and you can get a sense of the problem from the headlines alone. Headline writing doesn't have to be in perfect sentences but it does have to be logical and clear. Here's one from today's online Washington Post: "In State of the Union address, Trump persists in using claims that have been fact-checked repeatedly". This accidentally suggests that the writers are jeering at his using fact-checking. When, of course, he actually fact checks nothing. Which he's admitted. What the headline is saying is not what is meant, at all. Quite the opposite. But few bother to re-read the headlines they're writing, even once, it appears--this kind of muddle is normal. The article itself rightly points out that Trump's State of the Union address bombarded us with falsehoods. So how about staying that in the headline? Or maybe just Trump Ignores Fact-Checking, Persists in Using False Claims ...

Honestly, I do assure you, lots of cops are NOT stupid. Really. Like--police detectives. They're mostly on the smart side. Many other kinds of cops are also...not stupid. But cops doing incredibly stupid things comes up a lot, doesn't it? Especially cops with extremely poor judgment. Here's a fresh new example. Fresno Police handcuffed, arrested 16-year-old boy with autism after he had seizure, mom says. There's video. "He has autism, he has epilepsy, stop it!" the boy's mom can be heard screaming. "He saw that my son was throwing up and instead of helping him so that he wouldn't choke on his vomit, they had him on the ground in handcuffs," she says. They even tried to put him in the back of the patrol car, after all this... Maybe the cops thought he was crazy high or something. But oh wait, his mom was there telling them different and he behaved like a person in desperate physical distress. So of course, handcuff him and try to arrest him. The kid was lucky--some cops are known to SHOOT autistic children. Happened in Louisiana not long ago. And if you google "cops shoot autistic"--the results are upsetting. Well--if the person behaves strangely, what is one to do?...Okay, some cops really, really ARE stupid. . .And you know what else is stupid? If you follow the link above you see the headline about this dire, dismaying happening and under it before the report there's a fun, amusing video based on the Ferris Bueller movie. You see that, with that headline over it. So, serious news headline over stupid ad--equals stupidly insensitive news site design.

The Coronavirus has started killing people in the USA now. A pandemic looms. The Chinese govt is already feverishly, so to speak, working on a vaccine. We'll have one in the USA as quick as one can be worked up. But...anti-vaxxers will refuse to get themselves or their families vaccinated. Which will mean that because of a basic failure to understand the science of vaccinations--that is, because of STUPIDITY--the pandemic is more likely to spread here. Thanks for helping, Anti-vaxxers. You fucking idiots.

Anthony Scaramucci now hosts a party at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps where world leaders are supposed to be talking about sustainability. As the WaPo puts it, "At his yearly 'wine forum,' there is jollity, not panic, and 100-point Spanish Riojas, not trillions of flecks of ocean-bound plastic." But dig this wisdom from the Mooch, spouted as he parties at the WEF: “I would say that in the last 50 years, collectively, we’re having a frat party with the my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to be living in the frat house on Sunday morning after we destroyed the place on Saturday night. And so the problem is: When you are an impermanent person on Earth and you’re enjoying the frat party, it’s very hard for you to stop the frat party."'re enjoying it, so...Ethical idiocy and profound cluelessness at its fruitiest...

Our nation is farting in The Great Biospheric Elevator, thanks to its newly idiotic environmental policies. Recently a study, widely reported in the better news venues, demonstrated that a highly dangerous industrial/manufacturing chemical found in furniture sprays, teflon, waterproofing , packaging, and almost universally, now, in everyone's bloodstream, has been found at dangerous levels in every major water source in the USA. And SIMULTANEOUSLY: an article in the same newspaper, on the same page, told us that the Trump administration was weakening regulations on water cleanliness. That's how stupid we all are right now. We let that happen.

Here's a CNN headline. Channing Tatum May No Longer Be Single. And that's what the story's about. And here's my question: WHO THE FUCK CARES if Channing Tatum isn't single anymore? Or any actor. I like Brad Pitt, as an actor. I like Meryl Streep. I DO NOT CARE if they are suddenly "not single anymore". Why oh why do people care about celebrity marriages? How is being interested in celebrity marriages not a sort of dog going "Squirrel!" in our heads? Caring about celebrity marriages is at best just another empty headed vacuous mouth-gaping kneejerk reaction. At worst it's a pathetic, neurotic, utterly misdirected blindly imagined connection to a famous person blindly used as a proxy in a futile attempt to alleviate the emptiness of a life stupidly lived.

Utah mother who was topless in front of stepchildren at home may have to register as a sex offender said the headline in November--and the Washington Post reports today that despite informed legal help from the ACLU, the judge in Utah ruled against her. It was a hot day and the kids walked in on her and somehow it got out and bang goes the gavel, send her to jail...It's Utah, what's the chances the judge isn't a Mormon? What are the chances a Mormon would be tolerant of this slight variant from the norm; of a woman choosing to engage in minor nudity, at home, only in front of family and only because it was a hot day. Next to nil...The kids were a little embarrassed, but 90% of what a parent does embarrasses a kid...She's being called a sex offender when she was just trying to cool off on a brutally hot day. Blind, fixed intolerance of this unimportant form of female nudity is glaringly stupid...

"Black Man Given 12 Years in Prison for Using His Cell Phone While in Jail on a Misdemeanor Charge; Mississippi Supreme Court Upholds Sentence" - It's Mississippi, folks. Of course there are many details of this story that suggest, besides the obvious (it takes place in Mississippi, a state famous for racial prejudice) that this is a genuine case of judicial racism. But, since it's Mississippi, do we even need to go into the supporting facts? What is more to the point: Mississippi is listed as one of the worst in the nation for education. And studies have found links between poor education, low intelligence, illiteracy--and racism. Mississippi scores in the bottom three, nationally, of IQ test results...What we're saying here, folks, is that racism is a form of stupidity, and racist rulings are more likely in states where greater numbers people come out poorly on IQ tests; where education is underfunded and ineffective, and where a significant number of people are illiterate--and that's deep-south states known for their racism, like Alabama, Florida...and Mississippi.

BTW, Mississippi not so long ago passed a statewide law stating that you cannot restrict the size of Big Gulps. I just threw that in for your edification. If you're ever there, don't get between a Mississippian and their Big Gulps. Just coincidentally it is a state where one in three persons is obese.

A rather good Washington Post piece exposes the sheer greed, under cover of a blurry yet pernicious Natural-Lifestyle Righteousness, that is the real shaping force of Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP catalog: "The engine of Goop’s brand is the premise that natural purity is expensive. Poor people can’t afford to be this good," the article observes...I'd add that people who squander large amounts of money on pseudo-healthy potions, silly gewgaws, hyper expensive perfumes, and other Goop glories are not likely to be terribly bright. . . The article's writer, Alan Levinowitz, rightly informs us tells us, "By any reasonable measure, the lavish lifestyle of those who partake in the Goop 'luxury wellness' cruise is far worse for Mother Nature than that of their poorer counterparts, even if the latter can’t afford 'clean beauty.'”

America, where bacteria feeds on stupidity. (Okay, probably the same in most countries.) Turns out that salmonella bacteria, some strains of E.coli and other dangerous bugs are actually permitted by the FDA on meat. The meat industry can use procedures that will pretty much eliminate the presence of these vicious bacteria. But they don't. But hey, better methods of meat rendering would cost a little more, slightly reducing their profits. Seems we have been stupidly accepting this state of affairs, and we shake our heads over yearly food-poisoning warnings and recalls as if they had no cause. We stupidly ignore the coziness between govt bureaus and the big meat producers. And of course this kind of thing is only going to be worse under the "all deregulation is good" Trump approach. . .Don't assume your water is safe either because the Trump administration is moving to allow toxic coal-waste dumping straight into the water. No, really. And many Americans will stupidly accept that too.

On monday, a TSA agent said she needed to pat a down the braids of a prominent Native American attorney. "The agent then proceeded to pull them behind Houska’s shoulders, laugh and say “giddy up!” as she snapped her braids like reins," Huffington Post reports. The TSA has had to apologize but this is part of a long history of bad judgment on the part of TSA agents. Also--it was a really, really stupid thing to do.

"Two Republican state senators in Oklahoma want to make room on the roadways for President Trump’s brand," Washington Post reports. " — in a move that might be in violation of federal campaign finance rules...State Sens. Nathan Dahm and Marty Quinn proposed new specialty license plates this week that would read “Make America Great Again” and “Keep America Great." It's one of those mystery stupidities. How could these state politicos suppose they could get away with this? Are they mainlining corn liquor in Kentucky now? Do they pour it on their breakfast cereal? Sober up and take another look, Kentucky.

Speaking of the MAGA maker: TRUMP ADMIN PROPOSES CHANGING SCHOOL MENUS TO ALLOW MORE FRIES AND FEWER VEGETABLES reports the Washington Post. Brilliant political move! "Let's see, what can we do to help us in the election? I know, people will love it if we make the food in school menus less nutritious!" Right. Just like they loved your moving to take away free school lunches from nearly a million impoverished kids. That went over big. People love it when you take food from hungry, broke children. You know, I'm trying to avoid getting much into politics, here, but as the site is about stupidity in America, Trump is making it hard for me to do that.

Birthday Cake colors got a girl kicked out of school in Kentucky (suh-prise, suh-prise, Andy) because the private Christian school imagined the cake represented a "homosexual lifestyle". A birthday photo including the girl and the cake appeared in social media and out she went. The insidious stupidity of Christian fundamentalism, with its insistence that the universe was created 6000 years ago, its vampiric televangelists, its socially destructive belief in imminent apocalypse, its anti-intellectualism, its efforts to suppress books and to truncate the arts, its blind prejudices against "liberals", gays and trans folk, is felt within the body of the USA as a kind of recurrent infection. There are burning sensations and fitful fevers. It's something like a persistently recurring urinary tract infection, or possibly a stubborn cancer always on the point of metastasizing. . .The frightening birthday cake in question had rainbow colors that reminded the school's administration of the LGBT movement's rainbow flag. The young lady's mother, noting the school's claim to mold children to be "Christ-like", wondered, “Who determines what’s Christ-like?” Are idiotic kneejerk responses "Christ-like"? It seems unlikely.

CNN's practice of running pieces that are flagrant paid-promotion and not marking them as Paid Content, continues with a video promoting the show The Bachelor: "The latest episode of The Bachelor revealed what happened after Peter Weber's ex-girlfriend and previous contestant Hannah Brown showed up at the mansion to have a heart-to-heart conversation." In the video a young woman in a backless dress acts remarkably like a stripper offering up a lap dance. Stay classy, America...CNN once more blithely assumes that we're stupid enough to accept this kind of thing as a natural part of journalism, rather than dismissing it as paid advertising. Sadly, a great many viewers are indeed too obtuse to recognize this as an ad--while many others are too dimwitted to understand the importance of the distinction. But there's another layer of stupidity to uncover, here: The simple fact that this show continues to exist at all. You simply have to be stupid to like this thing...And by the way, here we are in the MeToo era, yet no one denounces this shamefully popular show that debases women: making them squirm and undulate and engage in idiotic coquetry for the cameras. They humiliate themselves in front of millions of viewers for money, attention and...the Bachelor. Wait--there's more stupidity yet! Fans of the show seem unaware that its "real life drama" moments are planned and, in a general way, scripted by producers. The show's ham-handed scripting is in itself stupid. And the moral stupidity of the show's creators and producers is still another nesting doll of American imbecility...

Here it is again! MYSTERY STUPIDITY! Two teenage girls just got a toddler to use a vaper...and posted a video of it on social media! Teenagers, yes, not a stage of maturation known for its intelligent choices--but if you pressed them I think it likely they'd admit they were on some level aware that what they were doing could get them in trouble with family and police, should anyone find out. Only...impulse! Social Media! Likes! Only...none of the Authority People will notice what they put on social media! Or so they supposed. That's extra-big stupidity. Of course someone's going to be outraged--rightfully so--at this weird new twist on child abuse. Teenagers, it must be observed, are often stupider when they come in twos. Which is a mystery in itself.

And vapers, anyway--another Big American Stupidity right there. Amazing that people just trusted these utterly unproven vape companies to provide them with safe inhalants. "Oh the stuff that carries the nicotine, it's just water vapor." No it sure as hell isn't just water vapor. Hundreds of young people have gotten seriously ill, even permanently injured, from the mindless addition of various additives to vapes...And why didn't anyone anticipate that? I mean...the smart people did, of course...and we often underestimate the full range of stupidity out there.

WHO THE HELL CARES Department. "Why is this even newsworthy?" is a question we often ask at Stupid A, lately regarding the Prince Harry and Meghan "controversy". Who CARES that Prince Harry and Meghan wanted to change their lifestyle and spend part of their year in the USA and do a little less ribbon cutting? Why do so many people in the USA care so much about the royals at all? Ah, the answer to that last one is fairly clear: those people are celebrity hounds and celebrity hounds are very, very stupid people. In addition, it seems likely they don't have enough to keep them constructively busy...The jumped-up controversy has been dominating the news for days and as some wiser commentators are starting to notice, it seems to stem--especially in the UK--from racism and sexism. As Peggy Drexler observes for CNN: "Isn't this what Britons wanted? From the moment Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, the media has blasted and belittled her, hardly ever forgetting to identify her as a divorced American actress with a black mother." But Peggy, as Vincent Van Dinsky, my partner in cognitive crime here at Stupid A, likes to say, "We fought a war so we wouldn't have to pay attention to that crap."

There is such a thing as mystery stupidity. There's a bubbling syndrome of people announcing their crimes on social media, apparently sure they will be safe because, well, it's online, it's not in person. A guy robbed a bank not long ago, got away with thousands of dollars, then went on social media and gloatingly posted pictures of himself with the cash, and of course he was arrested. This guy likely would not be stupid enough to walk around the street telling random people, "Look I robbed a bank! Looka the money!" But he did just that via social media. How does this happen? A couple in Visalia California was just arrested for beating bicycle thieves with baseball bats--and posting videos of it. They'd lured the thieves on purpose by leaving bicycles unlocked in the yard--they monitored their security cameras, running outside to catch them in the act, then set to a whuppin with the bats. We sympathize with their desire to knock some sense into thieves, but it's clearly illegal to beat people in your yard with baseball bats, and why would you think you could post that with impunity? Other people post incredibly embarrassing stuff online they would normally never show anyone in person...All of this is mystery stupidity. Stupidity is common, lord knows, but in some cases the mystery is, how could they be that stupid? The answer probably relates to the special state of mind people enter when they immerse themselves in the internet; it's about their attitude toward the web, and social media; their distorted notions of the media; their specific state of mind when they're on social media. People blindly imagine the internet to be its own world, rather than the public space it is.

After all, much that is deplorable is gotten away with on the internet--monstrous social media bullying, trolls viciously targeting people. But those online bullies and trolls escape a come-uppance only because they're anonymous. Apparently those prone to mystery stupidity online are so lonely, so lost, that they impulsively risk all for any kind of notoriety...Social media is impulse-driven. There are doubtless exceptions but in most cases, anything done impulsively is a big fat mistake. The mystery is--why isn't this obvious to people?

Here's a link to other examples, from 2013--you'd think people would hear about these arrests and learn, but nope, they will post their crimes for all to see.

"A new edition of the Subaru Forester on display at the 2020 Singapore Motorshow came with a rather eye-catching name: The Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition. Or as people online were quick to note, the Subaru FUCKS edition." Think about acronyms, people, before you roll out the official terms. Thanks to Huffpost for that.

'"Police in a Detroit suburb have identified two teenage boys responsible for changing a digital billboard along an interstate highway to display pornography...the two boys, ages 16 and 18, negotiated a 6-foot fence around a small shack underneath the billboard... Inside the shack was a laptop computer that operated the digital billboard. One of the boys was able access the laptop and changed the billboard so that it was displaying pornography...Drivers had a tough time staying focused on the road. "I kind of almost got in an accident"...' There are many layers of stupidity to unpack here starting with the billboard owner's stupidity: controlling content for one of these digital billboards with a laptop which is right there AT THE SIGN just waiting to be broken into is grievously foolish. Besides dumbass teens (almost a redundant phrase--I was far stupider as a teen; it's natural to teens), risking jailtime and causing traffic hazards with PORN, their anyone-could-do-it methods could be used by domestic terrorists to spread dangerous disinformation, threats of violence, even foment mass panic. . .Thing is, digital billboards--I first saw them driving into San Francisco six years ago--have always been dazzling placards of stupidity. They distract drivers, slowing traffic and increasing risks; they are invariably ugly, just as rotating advertisements: the American driving experience, especially for commuters involves making driving day after day past strip malls, repellent fast-food franchises, wallpaper-pattern commerce and all of it in bad taste. Imposing these moving Bladerunner-esque digital commercials on billboards on us, at all, adds to the general aesthetic misery. . .And by the way, Youth of America, if you're going to break into a digital billboard's feed, why go with something as lumpen dumb as pornography? Why not make a political or social statement, or put up your own rap lyrics, or even the work of your favorite artist? Or a least a really good joke of some kind...It's deeply stupid to opt for porn, in a case like this. Big opportunity FAIL. And also by the way, you were caught, so your oh-so-funny prank has informed your parents that you're into online porn.

Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP now offers a Candle entitled "This Smells Like My Vagina". Apparently at first the candle's scent did indeed smell vaginal to her and anyway it's part of her long-standing vagina campaign. She's probably being cutely impish, and vaguely (vag-ly?) feminist, which is fine. Maybe it'll work to steer people to her catalog. But does the name of the candle sound annoying and stupid, to many of us? It does...

’Jemima Packington, from Bath, UK, is an ‘asparamancer'--she allegedly tells the future using asparagus. She says she tried other vegetables, like broccoli, but asparagus apparently works best. If this news story isn't a hoax, then it's...not terribly surprising. One of the world's most persistent stupidities is the whole notion of fortune telling, often carried out through absurd means. "Haruspicy" goes back a long time--that's digging about in animal entrails to supposedly augur the future. And fortune-telling is not harmless. A palm reader was recently prosecuted for scamming a gullible woman out of 71,000 dollars; she claimed to see horrid dangers coming and charged the lady over and over to provide magical prevention. That kind of fraud is not uncommon. Stupidity--often a result of the mental laziness underlying a lack of critical thinking--is amusing, but it's also a vulnerability. It leaves us open to exploitation by vast numbers of human parasites.

Here's a challenge: What is THE STUPIDEST SHOW ON TELEVISION NOW? I know, it's hard to choose. Megachurch televangelism comes to mind. There are of course WWE-style wrestling shows (to be fair, there are some smart people who watch those kinda wrestling shows, knowing the shows are stupid and just having fun with it, like the quite-intelligent John Oliver). Almost too easy, those. How about series? LOVE ISLAND is really, really stupid. Both American and British versions. A spin-off from HONEY BOO BOO, stupidly entitled Mama June: From Not to Hot, is a contender. But what do you think is the stupidest current American television? Ponder it, if you like, and tell us via our new "contact" form. We may well quote you, and will certainly count your "vote". We will not gerrymander.

Here's Dave Barry on a dazzlingly stupid American trend. He tells us that in 2019, "There was a continued general decline of human intelligence, as epitomized by the popularity of increasingly elaborate 'gender reveal' events. Originally these involved simply cutting open a cake that had been dyed with food coloring, but they have escalated to the point where this year they resulted in — we are not making this up — a fatal explosion and a plane crash. It is only a matter of time before a major city is leveled by a pink or blue mushroom cloud."

You think we're all stupid, now? Check this out: Rising CO2 will lead to 50% reduced cognitive ability by 2100 - And why is that happening? Because we were stupid enough to think that excess C02 and carbon pollution generally was not going to lead to a cascade of problems.

Some people are wondering why there's such an "Ugh" reaction to images from the movie of CATS. It's quite simple. The cinematic version, done with CGIing people into felines, makes it looks like these are CROSSBREEDS of human and cat. An instinctive aversion arises. The makeup and costumery variant from Broadway doesn't look that way. It looks, instead, like people in costume imitating cats in a pleasant way--the makeup and, especially, acting transports those who dig CATS to a pleasant imaginary world. It was stupid to think fans of this family musical, or anyone else, will want to see a cat-human hybrid. Disgusting images, really. Stupid planning. Stupid to not say, early on in the planning stages of the movie, "Let's dump the CGI and go back to costumes and makeup." I know someone wanted to but--though the Emperor has no clothes, no one speaks up.

A woman in CHINA almost died from "injecting liquidized fruit juice" because there was a story going around the internet suggesting it was healthy to do that. Supremely stupid. I can hear the current generation of moms saying, "If the internet told you to jump off a building, would you do it?" Unfortunately there are people who DO INDEED do stupid, self-destructive things because people on the internet told them to-- as per that lady in China. Her story makes me think of Gwyneth Paltrow and her "Goop" products. If apprised of the fate of the lady in China, Gwyneth would have shaken her head sadly and in a sympathetic tone, purred, "Oh dear no, you don't inject it into your blood--you inject it into your vagina! Right after you steam-clean your vagina with my new Goop Vagina Steamer..." Indeed, Paltrow's company company informed everyone they "probably have a parasite", of some kind, and the way to get rid of it is to drink nothing but goat's milk for eight days. Paltrow's Goop catalog sold a 15,000 dollar vibrator--because it's so, SO much better. The Cut magazine revealed that Goop published a guide to "spirit animals" as a cynical means of selling $2,400 "spirit animal rings". . .The stupid, floundering impulsive twitchy tendency to snatch at short-cut treatments for medical issues, or for rejuvenation, is a blight on the world that should've been dismissed years ago. It's a glossy form of old fashioned quackery. But large segments of our civilization constantly revert to primitive thinking as a way to deal with problems--many of which are imaginary in the first place.

And then there are the New Flat Earthers...growing numbers of them, right here in the USA and right now in the 21st century! A poll revealed that one-third of millennials are not sure the world is round. Despite the views from space, despite mountains of scientific proof.

There is such a thing as willful stupidity. A surprising number of modern people--even a number of reasonably bright people--choose to embrace some incredibly improbable notions, apparently because doing so mysteriously imparts a kind of inner glow to them, an almost druggy high. It gives them a new set of friends who fanatically clap onto the same ludicrous improbabilities. True, we've seen this phenomenon before; with, for example, religion. "The universe is 6000 years old and our problems are the result of taking advice from a talking snake."

Then there is the "we never went to the moon" crowd; those people who ignore the fact that our competition, the Soviets, tracked our spacecraft's flight to the moon, and acknowledged it; that the artifacts left behind on the moon have been spotted; that every last spurious "proof" that we "didn't go to the moon" has been systematically repudiated. They don't care. They feel a delicious *something*, a weird little inner gush from some corner of their desperate brains, that rewards their contrarian fixation, whatever it is, however flagrantly cockamamie. You can't persuade them with facts, they'll just say a Conspiracy trumped up the facts. Reason doesn't work with them. These people need some kind of therapeutic intervention. Face it, some people who are not mentally handicapped are nevertheless locked into stupidity...because, for them, it feels good.

The internet is a potent and efficient proliferator of stupid beliefs. The web has great value, obviously, but it's a double-edged sword. It's easy for any website to create a kind of faux glow of legitimacy; easy to give out a list of made-up indicators that Hilary Clinton is sponsoring a child molestation ring concealed under a pizza parlor in D.C.. Easy to string together, in that list, a sequence that, to people utterly unfamiliar with critical thinking, seems persuasive. The internet, used in the exact opposite way its inventors intended, routinely magnifies stupidity.


The following, which is quite intelligent, has been, borrowed...from Dana Milbank's column in the Washington Post. Please forgive me, Dana, but we make no money from this site and you are fully credited: The case against Trump, in 600 ALL-CAPS WORDS AND 35 EXCLAMATION POINTS! LETTING 220,000 AMERICANS DIE FROM COVID-19 -- WORST IN...

Is This App Stupid–or Just Pathetic? Both, Probably.

Beankind is "a new app intended to create an 'emotive social experiment' by getting the world to share some love... After downloading the app, you simply tap the illustrated heart designed by Hambley" whose cartoons and stickers are popular on Instagram. "The tapping generates 'haptic' feedback, meaning you can feel a vibration when you tap...

Confirmed: Trump Seriously Wanted People to Inject Disinfectants

Yes, disinfectants--like Clorox, say. Lysol. Yes, our President is just...that...stupid. Former National Institutes of Health official and former Pandemic Preparedness chief, Dr. Rick Bright, confirmed that Trump "....thought [injecting] disinfectants were something we should look into, and that wasn't a sarcastic comment ...I was horrified that I would get a call within a day to...


"The percentage of Americans who say they would get a Covid-19 vaccine is falling" -- "Only about half of Americans said they would try to get a Covid-19 vaccine once one is available, according to a new CNN Poll , and that percentage appears to have dropped since May. If a Covid-19 vaccine were widely...

False Stories spread by Idiots Hamper Wildfire Response

FBI says false arson claims hampering wildfire response. So many levels of moral stupidity and general idiocy to unpack here. There's an expression: "emotional intelligence." If you haven't got emotional intelligence you're unaware of your own emotional motivations; this makes you more likely to put your own kneejerk impulses above simple decency. And you may...


"A pastor associated with Bethel Church in Redding, California, held a prayer service and protest against coronavirus prevention measures on the California State Capitol grounds on Sunday. He is claiming more than 12,000 people attended, CBS Sacramento reports. "Worship Pastor Sean Feucht has been holding Christian concerts across the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic in...


"Kanye West will not garner enough voters to become president. But he can garner enough voters to determine the outcome of this election," said Terrance Woodbury, a Democratic pollster. . .Political operatives on both sides of the aisle said West's campaign appears to be little more than an effort to skim support from Democratic nominee...